The Start of Radio Maria.

Radio Maria was born as a parish radio in 1983 in the diocese of Milan, Italy. Radio Maria’s purpose was to keep parishioners informed and to help them through prayer and even through the broadcast of daily Mass and the Rosary. In 1987, the Radio Maria Association was formed by laymen and priests hoping to give Radio Maria independence from the parish and a larger scale in its commitment of evangelization. Within three years, the program schedule had been completely redesigned, and all of Italy’s regions were covered with the signal, making Radio Maria Italia a National Broadcasting Station.

The World Family is born.

Radio Maria Italia, grateful for having experienced the maternal guidance and grace of the Blessed Mother, felt the desire to communicate, with a missionary spirit, such gifts with other nations. This is how the various Radio Maria’s were founded throughout the world. The World Family, established in 1998, was the natural consequence of the founding of so many new Radio Maria stations throughout the world. Within the World Family, the chrism forms more and more a family whose strength resides in the Lord and is at the service of the New Evangelization. Radio Maria currently operates in over 30 countries, spreading the Gospel to millions of listeners in more than a dozen languages.

Radio Maria, in the United States

Radio Maria began broadcasting from its first English-speaking station on May 25, 2000 in Alexandria, LA. Since that time, frequencies have been added in Lake Charles, LA (September 17, 2000), Port Arthur, TX (November 27, 2000), Natchitoches, LA (July 2, 2002), New Iberia, LA (June 11, 2003), Anna, OH (June 8, 2006), Springfield, OH (May 31, 2008), Hollidaysburg, PA (June 12, 2009) Peshtigo, WI and D’Iberville, MS (June 1, 2010). Like most members of the World Family, Radio Maria USA can also be heard internationally on the internet. Radio Maria USA features prayers and programming by local presenters and is made possible only through the work of dedicated volunteers and the donations of its generous listeners.

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