August 03, 2013 – Vol. 14, week 25

Diary entries:
September 9, 1922
September 11, 1922

2 thoughts on “August 03, 2013 – Vol. 14, week 25

  1. Dear Father Robert,

    Thank You so much for the Divine Will Ministries!
    I found the Will of God program three months ego on Radio Maria on Saturday morning on my way from the daily Mass and since then my life has new meaning.
    And not only mine but also my friend’ life in Kansas who listens you now as well. And my mom in Moscow, with whom I share it on a phone.
    So, I am here to say from all of us how important and beautiful is to know that the Divine Will of God is available for us! (and at some point is waiting on us)
    Thank You, for everything you do! A specially for your open heart and for all your prayers for all of our souls!
    We are waiting for every single broadcast of yours!
    And between them I am listening all your mp3 many times over and over again. And I live on them…
    Thank You!

    Houston, TX

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Renata for your kind message. I’m happy to know the programs are helpful. Blessings to you your mother and friend in The Will of God.
    Fr. Robert

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