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Be Your Best Part 3

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I’ll discuss the importance of thinking different as a catholic; making everything we do move towards Christ and accepting the CHANGES that make a difference. We all have a right to change if you’re not on the right track. Will Rogers once said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” In other words, you need to stay ahead and be a good example of a catholic in your work and actions. God meant for us to stay busy with our heart set on Heaven.

Be Your Best Part 2

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Negativity, stress, temptation and attitudes are some of the things we are faced with on a daily basis. How do we deal with them as a catholic when they occur? How do we turn the negative into positive? We tend to look at Stress, as a Bad thing but there is Good Stress also. The same with temptation and attitudes, it’s not all bad, there’s a positive side to all of these. The trust we put in Jesus will lead you to endless joy.

Be Your Best

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“Be Your Best” is a series of suggestions on how to start your day in a positive manner. Actually preparing yourself before you go to sleep about how you are going to wake up. This will put you in the right state of mind to deal with what ever comes your way that day. It will include prayers, positive, negative, comfort zones, temptations, attitudes, changes, thinking different, creativity and of course peace, faith, responsibility, charity and dreams. I say dreams because after I explain the topics I’ll ask what are you now going to do about your future.

Be Your Best Part 1

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We will start with discussing how we need to put ourselves in order as a catholic in everyday life. God must be the ultimate goal and everything you do must move toward that goal. If it does not move towards that goal it is not the right thing to do. So here we’re learning how to set goals in everyday catholic life which will be the model for everything you do in general. Then we’ll talk about how to prepare your self for getting up in the morning and setting the day. It’s humorous and will help you to “Be Your Best” I call it “You have to go to bed with getting up in mind.”