An Introduction to Bioethics with Fr. Joseph Howard

Fr. Joseph Howard, a moral theologian and bioethicist, and guest bioethicists discuss the Church’s teaching on bioethical issues.

July 5, 2012 – End of Life Issues: Pain Management, Palliative Care, Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney, POLST

Guest: Dr. Robert Fastiggi

Points to Make: A discussion of the problems with  these documents and the best ways possible to make certain that each of us receive morally the proper care at the end of life/during the process of dying.

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June 28, 2012 – Feeding Tubes and Ventilators: Similarities and Differences

Guest: Fr. Joseph Howard

Points to Make: The specific teaching of John Paul II on artificial nutrition and hydration and how feeding tubes/IVs differ from ventilators.

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June 21, 2012 – Ordinary and Extraordinary Treatments in Medical Illness

Guest: Fr. Joseph Howard

Points to Make: How we work closely with physicians to evaluate the particular clinical data of a given person at a given point in time to  determine whether treatments proposed are ethically ordinary or extraordinary.

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June 14, 2012 – End of Life Issues from a Medical Perspective

Guest: John Travaline, MD, Adult Pulmonology & Critical Care Medicine

Points to Make: Discussion of the Issues often faced in terminall illness and dying and how to respond to them medically and ethically in conformity with the Church.

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June 7, 2012- Practical Applications of Donum Vitae and Dignitas Personae: Is there a “right to a Child?”

Practical Applications of Donum Vitae and Dignitas Personae: Is there a “right to a Child?”

God wills that human life be generated within marriage by the spouses cooperating with Him in the act of marital relations. Life is a gift freely given by God with the parents cooperating as instruments.

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May 31, 2012 – Increased Incidence of Breast Cancer as Related to Progesterone/ Estrogen and Induced Abortion

Guest: Angela Lanfranchi, MD, Breast Surgeon and World-Renowned Authority

Points made: Dramatic increases in breast cancer are often correlated with the use of progesterone/estrogen and induced abortion though other mechanisms can also cause breast cancer. A full-term pregnancy offers protection against breast cancer.

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May 24, 2012 – Infertility and Treatments in Accord with the Church

Infertility and Treatments in Accord with the Church

Guest: Lorna Cvetkovich , MD, OB/GYN, the Tepyac Clinic

In private practive in northern Virginia

Points to Make: How we go about diagnosing and treating in fertility in accord with the Magisterium

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May 17, 2012 – Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae

Guest: Fr. Joseph Howard, STL, Doctoral Candidate in Moral Theology & Bioethics, Catholic University

Points to Make: Why and on what authority the Church proclaims that each marital act must be open to the possibility of new life

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