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June 27, 2011 – Debbie Koch

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On this program, Mark interviews Debbie Koch, past President of the Carmelite Community in Cincinnati Ohio.  Debbie shares her journey leading to Carmel, her thoughts on the impact her devotion to Carmel has had on her life and considerable experience in leading a Secular Carmelite Community.  She also shares information on the process of spiritual formation, the importance of community and her own thoughts on some of the leading spiritual figures in the history of the Carmelite Order

June 20, 2011 – The Interior Castles III

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“In this program Mark and Frances continue their conversation on St Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castles.  Here they will explore the latter part of the 6th Dwelling where the soul is encouraged to continue to reflect on the humanity of Christ, most especially His passion.  This is also where the soul experiences God through intellectual visions which serve to transform the soul at its deepes core.  They will also discuss the 7th Dwelling, where the soul begins to experience complete Transforming Union.”

June 13, 2011 – Reconciliation

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“In this program Mark and Frances will explore the history, significance and the current environment in the Church surrounding the Sacrament of Pennance and Reconciliation.  Their guest is Michele Foley who has done extensive research in the field of Reconciliation and the need for and benefits of frequent confession.  This particular program challenges to the modern Catholic to “turn back” to the important Sacrament of Reconciliation and to see it as an integral part of Spiritual development.”

June 6, 2011- Spiritual Life

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Have you ever wish for mystical “flights of spirit?” have you wondered how the saints disposed themselves for intimate union with God?  Listen into this interesting conversation on what a Doctor of the Church and a Master of prayer, St Teresa of Avila has to say about these any other topics in the spiritual life.  Learn how we can begin to make real progress in our spiritual journey.