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November 28, 2011 – Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity II

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“This program picks up on the biographical sketch of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity after her entry into Carmel.  It then goes on to explore some of her major writings, both her individual retreats and her letters.  Blessed Elizabeth understood very clearly the need to dispense with anything that did not lead her to God, but she did not attempt to achieve this by simply leaving the world.  Rather, she shows, through her writings, how the real objective must be to bring everything in a persons life under the submission of Christ.  She speaks of the need to see with the “single eye” and practice the principles of silence, simplicity and solitude.”

November 21, 2011 – Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity I

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“This program offers a brief biographical sketch of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity. Blessed Elizabeth was a Carmelite nun who lived in France and died in her early twenties, in 1906. Her remarkable writings are considered materpieces of spiritual insight, and they deal largely with the life of the Trinity dwelling within each of us. This program covers the major events of her life leading up to her entry into Carmel, and how the more significant events of her childhood served to form her and draw her into an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.”

November 07, 2011 – Purgatory

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 This program covers St Therese’s profound teaching on Purgatory.  Begining with a brief explanation of the Church’s teaching on Purgatory, in this program we discuss how St Therese taught that we do not necessarily need to go to Purgatory.  She argues there is a way to avoid it, and that is simply to have trust in our loving Father.  Further, she argues, the real path is to simply become love throughout our life.  Then, she says, there is nothing that the flames of purgatory, which are nothing other than the flame of God’s Love, can do to us.  For we will have become that very flame of love.