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July 29, 2013 – What Is Faith?

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We all use the word faith quite often and believe we understand what it means, but do we really understand the deeper meaning of faith as it relates to journey toward God. In this informative conversation, Frances speaks with Deacon Tracy Jamison of the Diocese of Cincinnati. Dr. Jamison is both a Deacon and a professor at the seminary in the Diocese of Cincinnati, and has published articles on the issues of faith and prayer, and more specifically how prayer serves as a means to nurture and strengthen out faith. Finally, drawing on specific Carmelite texts, Deacon Jamison demonstrates how prayer and faith play a vital role in our spiritual journey. This is both a very informative discussion, and very timely as we move toward the end of the “Year of Faith” in the Church.

July 22, 2013 – Pilgrimage vs. Retreat

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What is the difference between a Pilgrimage and a Retreat? What are the elements that make up either a successful Pilgrimage or a successful Retreat? In this informative program Mark and Frances draw a clear distinction between these two different journey’s of seeking God. They discuss the motivations that might be behind the decision to go on Pilgrimage or Retreat, and how someone might best prepare for either one. They also discuss the benefits one might expect to receive from undertaking either of these efforts to seek out a more intimate relationship with God. Finally, in the case of the Retreat, Mark and Frances discuss the Israelite journey into the desert, and Christ own desert experience following His baptism, as models of how one might both prepare for, and hope to get the most out of a retreat experience.

July 15, 2013 – “Our Lady of Mt. Carmel”

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Have you ever wondered why there is an ‘Our Lady of Mt. Carmel?’ Or what it is that is unique about this title for our Blessed Mother? In this conversation, originally presented on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Mark and Frances discuss the history of the title Our Blessed Mother took, and how it became the source of the Order we know today as Carmelites. They also discuss the different stages of transition through the history of the Order, and perhaps most importantly, they present some of the unique aspects of this title. They discuss the significance of the location of Mt. Carmel, its history as a rich garden of flowers, a region which produces both wine and healing oils, and the place of battle for Elijah. Mark and Frances also discuss what is unique about Mary’s patronage over the Order of Carmel, and the benefits its members enjoy through their special relationship with her.

July 08, 2013 – Mark Olsen

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Summer is a great time for reading. Have you wondered what Carmelite books are the best to read, what might be considered the essential reading for a Carmelite. In this conversation Frances Harry welcomes Mark Olsen into the studio to discuss some of the most important reading for those interested in Carmelite Spirituality. Mark is the Director of Formation for the Dayton Community of Discalced Carmelites, so he is uniquely qualified to offer suggestions on some of the more important works in the Carmelite tradition of spiritual literature. Mark and Frances discuss a list of what they consider to be both a good introduction, and a comprehensive outline of the essential texts. These books are presented not as individual titles in themselves, but in the context of the different categories of spirituality such as prayer, practicing the virtues, stages of the spiritual journey and so forth. This is a great program to get a solid grounding in the books you should be reading if you are interested in Carmelite Spirituality.

July 01, 2013 – Fortnight for Freedom

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In this particular conversation Mark and Frances discuss the importance of the Fortnight of Freedom call for the US Catholic Bishops. As we approach the July 4th Holiday, and we look forward to celebrating our freedom as a nation, we must also acknowledge that these freedoms, for religious in this country, are under great threat. In this very timely conversation Mark and Frances provide some insights, from the writings of John Paul II, on the topic of true freedom. They address what the term really means in terms of the human experience and our relationship with God. They discuss the importance of Truth, and the need to form our consciences to seek truth as part of the fulfillment of our freedom. They also discuss this on a very personal level through the writings of Father Jacques Philippe, from a book entitled ‘Interior Freedom.’ Fr. Philippe explores what it mean for us individually to experience freedom, and how can we pursue true freedom.