July 01, 2013 – Fortnight for Freedom

// July 1st, 2013 // Carmelite Conversations

In this particular conversation Mark and Frances discuss the importance of the Fortnight of Freedom call for the US Catholic Bishops. As we approach the July 4th Holiday, and we look forward to celebrating our freedom as a nation, we must also acknowledge that these freedoms, for religious in this country, are under great threat. In this very timely conversation Mark and Frances provide some insights, from the writings of John Paul II, on the topic of true freedom. They address what the term really means in terms of the human experience and our relationship with God. They discuss the importance of Truth, and the need to form our consciences to seek truth as part of the fulfillment of our freedom. They also discuss this on a very personal level through the writings of Father Jacques Philippe, from a book entitled ‘Interior Freedom.’ Fr. Philippe explores what it mean for us individually to experience freedom, and how can we pursue true freedom.

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