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October 21, 2013 – “What is Spiritual Marriage?”

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Host, Frances Harry, along with guest, Deacon/Dr. Tracy Jamison, OCDS talk about “spiritual marriage.” There are lots of questions about spiritual marriage. What is it? What does it involve? Where do we get this term? What happens in it? What difference does it make in my life and in those around me? Is it possible for all of us?

October 14, 2013 – Quotable Quotes of St. Teresa of Avila, #1

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“Quotable Quotes of St. Teresa of Avila, #1″ with host, Frances Harry, along with Guest, Chris Cotter, OCDS.
We will be focusing on some of our favorite quotes of St. Teresa of Avila. Some topics to be covered: St. Teresa ‘s conversion story from the “Book of Her Life,” important points about prayer, what she says about “the cross,” her approach to Confession, the importance of “Love, Detachment, and Humility” for growth in the spiritual life, and why we should practice mortification.

October 07, 2013 – Mary and the use of the Rosary

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We are all familiar with the Rosary, but do we all understand its history or the importance so many Saints have place on reciting it daily.
In this informative and inspiring program, Mark and Frances discuss the origins of the prayer of the Rosary. They touch on the details of our Lady
having shared this prayer with St. Dominic. They also discuss the importance it played in bringing about a great military and spiritual victory in the Battel of Lepanto. Padre Pio of course was very dedicated to the Rosary, and this program discusses his emphatic counsel to use the Rosary as our weapon
against the evils of this world. Pope John Paul II was likewise very dedicated to the Rosary and this program outlines the additions he brought to this
form of prayer. Finally, Mark and Frances discuss the role of Mary and the use of the Rosary as a means of joining the Blessed Mother in contemplative prayer.