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March 31, 2014

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For this conversation Mark and Frances welcomed into the studio one of the new Aspirants in the local Carmelite Community in Dayton, Ohio, Tim Bete. Tim is actually married to one of the long time members of the Secular Carmelite Order, so Mark and Frances wanted to explore what it was like to have be a ‘couple in Carmel.’ They also asked Tim what it was that drew him personally to Carmelite Spirituality. In addition to their own journey in Carmel, Tim and his wife are also the parents of a daughter who is pursuing a vocation as a Dominican Sister. This led to an interesting discussion on what it takes to raise and keep our children Catholic in our modern culture. Not surprisingly the main points focused on prayer, witness and continued exposure to things spiritual.

March 24, 2014 – Fr. Titus Brandsma Part 2

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In this second program on Blessed Titus Brandsma, a Dutch Carmelite Friar who ultimately was martyred during WWII, Mark and Frances continue the discussion of Titus’ contribution to the history of Mysticism. They discuss some of his more significant writings, his theology regarding the importance of creating a sacred space within our hearts, our cell, his political activities against Nazi tyranny, and the central role the virtue of Hope played in his life. Both Titus Brandsma’s teachings, and most significantly his life, serve as models of how we are to conduct ourselves on the path to holiness.

March 10, 2014 – Fr. Titus Brandsma

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“The Carmelite Order has no shortage of martyrs, especially during the Second World War, and one of the most well known is Titus Brandsma. Fr. Titus Brandsma was a renowned professor of Philosophy, very active in the development of Catholic education, and a significant contributor to the field of journalism on behalf of Catholic causes. In this conversation Mark and Frances discuss Titus’ early life, his call to Carmel, his growing reputation as a voice of reason against the backdrop of the horrors of WWII, and his efforts to communicate the beauty of the interior life which he found in Carmel. Titus was both a great philosopher and someone keenly aware of the power of they mystical life. He was able to combine these two disciplines in a way that allowed him to both understand and deal with the tragic events of his time.”

March 03, 2014 – The Life of Hermann Cohen Part 3

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“This program is the third in a three part series on the life of Hermann Cohen, the renowned piano player who converted to Catholicism and eventually became a Carmelite Friar. Fr. Cohen’s life was a remarkable witness to the power of the Eucharist and the power of prayer. In this third conversation on Hermann Cohen’s life, Mark and Frances discuss his close relationship with the famous Franz Liszt, and the role that Fr. Cohen played in bringing Liszt back to the faith. They also discuss the impact Fr. Cohen had on the spread of Eucharistic adoration, especially night adoration. They also discuss the remarkable events that led eventually to Hermann Cohen’s death and the sacrifices he made toward the end of his life.”