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July 16, 2014 – Fr. Fortunatus from Uganda

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Francesca Franchina, MS Ed talks with visiting missionary priest Fr. Fortunatus from Uganda, who attended four years of seminary in New York. He has had his first priestly assignment ministering at St. Rose of Lima Parish in Massapequa, NY on Long Island and will be in the USA for another year . Father’s Archdiocese ministers to the many orphans left behind on the streets due to the aids epidemic who they find, feed and care for until they become of age, finish school and can look out for themselves. Foster homes are found and the children are given hope, love and food to sustain them as they continue to be educated to be able to get jobs to sustain themselves, usually in farming. Francesca and Fr. Fortunatus discuss the demographic domain of the Ugandan Diocese, Villages, Eucharistic Centers, Catechists, Small Church Communities, and the outlook of Catholicism in Uganda, which is strong in family ministry, special events and ministries offered and taken up by youth and young adults. Considering the mountainous terrain in the Diocese, lack of roads, dependable transportation and even availability of water, we get a look into the life of our Brothers and Sisters in Uganda and how Our Lord provides for all His Children through caring for us all and exhorting us to compassion and helping each other. “You shall be My Witnesses” said the Lord Jesus, ” They will know you are my disciples by your love.” Father Fortunatus shares his personal story and witness of how he was drawn to his priestly vocation and how h e is sustained daily through prayer and the ability and availability he has to help others find and grown in the knowledge and love of Our Lord Jesus.


July 2, 2014 – History of the Feast of the Precious Blood

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Francesca Franchina and Marika Zimmerman discuss the History of the Feast of the Precious Blood, iSt. Gaspar del Bufalo, founding of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, C.PP.S. and the importance and significance of the Precious Blood of Jesus… Precious Blood Prayers and our Lady of the Most Precious Blood.


June 25, 2014 – Consoling the Heart of Jesus :”A Do- It -Yourself Ignatian Retreat”

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Francesca Franchina, MS Ed.and Marika Zimmerman discuss Consoling the Heart of Jesus :”A Do- It -Yourself Ignatian Retreat” written by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC of the Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA which intertwines with The Diary of St. Faustina and teachings from St. Therese of Lisieux. How do you celebrate The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary? What were His requests to us through St. Margaret Mary Alacoque the Visitation Sister who was given the teaching of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Jesus Himself? Do you know the requests of The Blessed Mother given at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 in conjunction with her Peace Plan from Heaven and approved apparitions in our own time? Are the faithful acquainted with the promises of The Hearts of Jesus and Mary, what they do for us and the world? Why do we pray the rosary? Are all these devotions ;ole the First Nine Fridays and First Five Saturdays , Mercy Chaplets and Novenas relevant for our time and why or why not? What in the world is going on and what good does intercessory prayer do about the wars in the world, in families, schools, all the atrocities that happen on our streets and in our schools? How can YOU and all of us help The Hearts of Jesus and Mary? What we can do and how to get started.Why is it necessary for us all to know these things and will Their Plan work?
” Pace e Bene” in the words of St. Padre Pio “Peace and Blessings.” Our dear Spiritual Father St. Pio had conversations with Jesus and Mary and told us to go before the Blessed Sacrament and pray. The Pope of that time said, “The decadence in the world is due to a lack of communal prayer” so Padre Pio told his spiritual children to pray and intercede before the Blessed Sacrament individually and in Padre Pio Prayer Groups which were formed all over the world and continue today. Call in, share your experiences, answer to prayer and your devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


June 18, 2014 – Sr. Regina Albers, C.PP.S.

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Francesca Franchina, MS Ed. talks with Sr. Regina Albers, C.PP.S. native of Egypt (OH) recently retired Curator of the Maria Stein Shrine of The Holy Relics in Maria Stein, Ohio founded in 1875 and Museum reflecting on the history of the area, (lovingly called God’s Country) The Shrine of the Holy Relics, the history and ministry of the Sisters of the Precious Blood and more. Dr. Anne McGuire, Ph. D. Director of Programs and Pilgrimages talks about her ongoing scheduled programs at the Shrine of the Holy Relics designed for all age groups, local and distant participants, highlighting the various liturgical seasons, lives of the Saints and many more that she creatively and most interestingly combines with adoration, prayer, reflection, music and art that are experiential and open for all to experience. Call in to ask questions, comment and be a part of the discussion and relate your experiences at the Shrine of the Holy Relics home to over 1000 relics of saints and is the second largest collection of relics in the USA, including a relic of The True Cross. The Holy Relic Shine, Museum and Gift Shop receive visitors from throughout the world on a regular basis. For more information and visitation hours of the Shrine, Museum and Pilgrim Gift Shop call 1-419-925-4532 and to learn more about the Annual Maria Stein Country Fest June 27- 29 featuring great food, continuous entertainment including Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean Aerial High Wire Show, music groups of all kinds, see


June 11, 2014 – Susan Ferguson

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Francesca Franchina, MS Ed.and Susan Ferguson Director of the University of Dayton Center for Catholic Education discuss the 2014 Catholic Education Summit to be held on Monday, July 14 at the UD River Campus focusing on “Charism, Culture and Curriculum” to be attended by teachers, administrators, parents, pastors, child advocates, fund raisers and others interested in sustaining, enhancing and furthering Catholic Education and Evangelization. The St. Remy Initiative will meet on Tuesday, July 15. Call in toll free 1-866-333-6279 to participate in the program, share your opinions and make suggestions. To register and find more information on the UD Center for Catholic Education 2014 Education Summit see the website at: or call Gina Lloyd, M.S.E. at 937-229-3921.


June 4, 2014 – Family Matters

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Francesca Franchina, MS Ed. and Marika Zimmerman address “family matters” discuss the importance of the Christian family as addressed and written by St. John Paul II in his Letter to Families GRATTISIMAM SANE in the Year of the Family 1994, focusing on the needs and duties of the family, spiritual warfare in the breakdown of the family (basic unit of civilization and Society) and what families, schools, parishes and communities need to do to address the problem and suggestions to foster solutions to build up and strengthen the family.


May 28, 2014 – Dr. Ken Fung, MD

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Francesca Franchina, MS Ed talks with Marika Zimmerman and Dr. Ken Fung, MD of Toronto, Canada about his long professional medical and psycho-therapy experience, the recent publication of his book and extensive research regarding Spiritual Depression and The Hidden Factors of Clinical Depression . Dr. Fung, Past President of The International Association of Christian Therapists (ACT) cites non- consideration of the patient first as a spiritual being in treating depression vs. the most common medical physical-psychological treatment utilizing drugs, anti-depressants and long term psychotherapy. Rejection, abandonment, combinations of physical, mental, intellectual/sexual abuse, loss of love, grief, being broken hearted, early loss of spiritual identity/not knowing they are always loved by God are among the numerous causes of debilitating trauma. Trauma can cause depression and other medical conditions, reports Dr. Ken who delineates trauma sources and causes of depression looking and considering the whole person, utilizing research and experience in treating the medical, physical/psychological condition and recognizing and treating the spiritual dimension of each patient to bring them to wholeness.


May 21, 2014 – Marika Zimmerman

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Francesca Franchina, MS Ed. talks with Marika Zimmerman of St. Luke the Evangelist Parish, Beavercreek, OH and Carmine Marotta, Director of the St. Padre Pio Shrine at St. John the Baptist Church 210 West 31st Street, New York, New York, 10001 (212-564-9070) about the spirituality of Padre Pio, OFM Capuchin, his charitable works building a hospital, The House for the Relief of Suffering on a side of a mountain, the American socialite Mary Pyle who became the only English speaking contact at San Giovanni Rotunda after coming to visit Padre Pio with Maria Montessori and their own experiences with Padre Pio. Learn of the many great works associated to and with Padre Pio. Padre Pio and America, the new book documenting St. Padre Pio and the experience of his American spiritual children. Participate in the program sharing your experiences with St. Padre Pio. Learn how his father came to America to earn money for Padre Pio to attend seminary, how Carmine’s dad met and served Mass for Padre Pio during WWII when he was stationed in Italy. (Foggia, Italy is located at the foot of Mount Gargano and was the site of a US Air Force Base and the home and workshop of Count Caproni who developed planes for the USA during the war and trained pilots. ) Call 1-866-333.6279 to join in the program.


May 14, 2014 – Fr. Antonio La Rocca, SMC and Fr. Javier Alsom, SMC

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May 07, 2014 – Marika Zimmerman

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Francesca Franchina MS Ed. talks with Marika Zimmerman about the attack on Christianity and what we can do about it personally and corporately. “When I return will I find anyone watching?” What did Jesus mean by this statement….and also in the Garden….”Could you not watch one hour with Me?” Jesus is calling on us to stay awake, to watch and respond In this time: THE TIME OF MERCY and This Time of Visitation. We have been given instruction from on high from The Blessed Trinity, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and by Our Blessed Mother! IS ANYONE LISTENING AND DOING WHAT WE HAVE BEEN ASKED AND TOLD TO DO OR ARE WE ALL SLUMBERING THINKING WE CAN DO NOTHING OF IMPORT, WHILE THE WORLD IS CAVING IN TO EVIL AND THE DARKNESS through distraction, drugging of the physical, mental and spiritual parts of our beings? The Fatima Message of our Lady from May-October 1917 still stands and most Catholics do not even know about it. THE MESSAGE OF FATIMA is THE PEACE PLAN FROM HEAVEN! The MERCY MESSAGE given to St. Faustina by Jesus Himself in 1930′s still stands! Messages to St. Catherinee of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, Sr. Josefa Menendez, Sr. Consolata Bertrone, Bl. Wm. Joseph Chaminade, St. Padre Pio, St. John Paul II, St. John XXIII in our own time cry out for souls to Repent, Repair, Renew and be counted among the saints personally and communally. Call in, ask a question, add a comment to be a part of this Spirit filled program of concern and compassion for the Hearts of Jesus and Mary which are so much ignored and set aside in neglect and abuse. Do you console the Heart of Jesus? Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr.Michael Gaitley, MIC (Marian Helper; Marians of The Immaculate Conception priest of The Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA will be discussed along with the works of St. Faustina and the others mentioned above and beyond.


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