“Set Out Into the Deep!” – September 21, 2011

// September 21st, 2011 // Francesca and Friends

Set Out Into the Deep!” 

FRANCESCA FRANCHINA, MS Ed. speaks with  Rosary Rally Founders Joe Beyerle and  Bob O’Connor and  organizer  Don Coty about the  Rosary held across the country and in our Archdiocese of Cincinnati in Dayton, OH on Sunday October 9th  at The University of Dayton Arena; focusing on  how the mission and vision of The  Knights of Columbus  meshes into outreach and Catholic social action for  the New Evangelization promulgated by Blessed John Paul II and his directive (in the words of Jesus) to “Set Out Into the Deep.”   Link on to www.radiomaria.us to hear the program live and for Francesca and Friends Program Archives . 


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