July 24, 2013 – The 4 Marks of the Catholic Church and Its Impact on Fr. Bud Stevens

// July 24th, 2013 // The Joy of Discovery

Father Bud Stevens was raised as a faithful Episcopalian. His father was a minister in their church. Yet, while attending a Catholic high school, Father Bud was drawn to something in his classmates, something he was searching for. Later, Father Bud would hear God’s calling him to serve his brothers and sisters in Christ as a priest in the Catholic Church. Father Bud describes the “Four Marks” of the Church as important aspects for each of us, individually, and for our happiness. He explains how they lead, not only to our fulfillment here on earth, but ultimately to our salvation. Additional information about the four marks of the Catholic Church, including many scriptural references, can be found in the short, and easy-to-read resource: “Pillar of Fire; Pillar of Truth” at the Catholic Answers website: http://shop.catholic.com. It is also a great evangelization tool!

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