September 4, 2013 – Is the Church a Phenomenon of God?

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An old saying suggests that the New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old Testament is unveiled in the New (Catechism of the Catholic Church #129). If this is so, can we find in the Old Testament evidence for God’s presence in his Church today? We begin by reflecting upon 3 aspects of God: God’s desire to be close to us, even intimately as a father; the distance we place between us and God when we prefer our own will over his will; and how God works to overcome that distancing we caused. Orienting by means of these 3 points, we see God acting on behalf of his children through his Chosen People, and others before them. We consider the promise to Noah (Gen 9: 18 – 19), the calling of Abraham (Gen 12: 1 – 4), and Moses’ drawing water from the rock (Ex 17: 6). Finally, we look at these Old Testament events and parallels with Peter as “rock” (Mt 16: 18), as well as the water flowing from Christ’s open side (John 19: 34).

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