October 2, 2013 – “Glimpses From God’s Throne in Heaven”

// October 2nd, 2013 // The Joy of Discovery

The word “Apocalypse” itself may give us pause. Popular images of the Book of Revelations are fraught with vengeance, violence and death. Yet, is this really what God wishes our understanding to be? Can God actually be like this? In the fourth chapter of Revelations, we are treated to an “open door” into heaven. At this threshold, and led by St. John’s own hand, we glimpse God’s throne. We become aware that God also is imploring us to enter. Yet, once inside, and maybe to the surprise of some, God gives us an opportunity to view things from his perspective. John too encourages us. “Caught up in spirit” on the sabbath, John reminds us that our prayer life, our closeness with God, and the vitality of our faith in Him are important to our entry. Sacred Scripture can come to our aid for all of these needs and more.

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