October 23, 2013 – “Moses, Egypt’s 10 Plagues Offer Clues to The Apocalypse”

// October 23rd, 2013 // The Joy of Discovery

Have you ever wondered why there were 10 Plagues in Egypt? What did God know about the Egyptian people and Pharaoh? For those of us who believe in God, we may wonder why it took Pharaoh so long to become convinced. Yet, if we have ever been asked to reconsider a life-long belief, we know how challenging it can be to be pursuaded of the truth. This is the situation on earth during the time of The Apocalypse. All those who believe have already been sealed (Rev 7). But what about those who do not believe? Does not God also want them in heaven? Of course he does! And to reach them, he has to overcome many grave obstacles in their minds and hearts. He also has to help them understand the choice they are making – love and life on the one hand, versus hatred and death on the other. This program also considers the Two Witnesses (Rev 10) that proclaim God’s truths and asks: are we also called to be witnesses?

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