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November 27, 2013 – The Origin of the Bible – New Testament

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Have you ever received an inheritance or gift, and only later discovered its true value? At times, this can be the case with our sacred inheritance. We each own a Bible, for example, but do we revere it? By considering the Bible’s origins, we can deepen our appreciation for this gift from God! Did you know that at the time the canon was determined the divinely-inspired books were together with many other works, like diamonds among cut-glass crystals? If the collection of writings we have today is correct, the decision process reveals to us special qualities of the decision maker. We begin the presentation by highlighting the debate among the Jews at the time of Jesus. They had not decided which books were divinely inspired when the Apostles and others began writing. Later, there were also Christian writings by saints and noteworthy theologians. How was the early Christian Church to decide which should be included in the canon of Scripture? This is our focus. Material for this presentation is based “The Origin of the Bible” by Dr. Brant Pitre.

November 20, 2013 – The Origin of the Bible – Old Testament

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Has anyone ever asked you “where is that teaching found in the Bible?” It can be a common question and suggests that if a teaching is not found in the Scriptures, then it does not have authority to teach us about faith and morals. Yet, where do the Scriptures come from, and how do we know that they are reliable? Knowing the source, however, will provide insight into the question of authority. Furthermore, how do Catholics explain the presence of 7 books included in their version of the Old Testament? These “disputed books” are not found in Protestant Bibles. Did the Catholics add them or did the Protestants remove them? This further underscores the importance understanding the source of authority. Afterall, what prevents any one of us from removing books that we do not agree with? Understanding the history and development of Sacred Scripture will provide us with confidence and joy as we discover God’s hand in bringing us the Bible. In two subsequent talks, both the formation of the New Testament and the decisions made during the Reformation will be discussed. For a complete presentation on this subject, refer to “The Origin of the Bible” by Dr. Brant Pitre at:

November 13, 2013 – The New Jerusalem Offers Us Beauty and Hope

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Tonight’s program concludes our encounter with Our Lord in the Book of Revelations. Chapter 21 describes the New Jerusalem. This city is beautiful and magnificent to behold with its streets of gold, clear as glass. Amazingly, God does not stop there. We are described in Scripture as God’s “holy temple” (1 Cor 3: 16-17), and as “living stones” (1 Pet 2: 4-6). As such, as people of God with the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, we become part of the God’s holy city, shining with the beauty of the precious stones described here.