December 4, 2013 – The Origin of the Bible – Why are there Different Bibles?

// December 4th, 2013 // The Joy of Discovery

Where did the Bible come from? Can we depend on what we have in ours today? And why do some bibles not contain the 7 books found in the Catholic Old Testament? We begin by considering two statements made by Our Lord, namely: that the Spirit of truth will lead us into all truth, and Jesus’ hope that we might all be “one” (John 16 and 17). In this Spirit, we consider the decision by Pope Damascus to officially proclaim the divinely inspired books (382 AD). We also consider when and how those 7 books, disputed by many, came to be removed from non-Catholic Bibles. For additional information on this subject, see “The Origin of the Bible” by Dr. Brant Pitre, CD #3.

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