January 1, 2013 – Mary, Mother of God & the Tilma of St. Juan Diego

// January 1st, 2014 // The Joy of Discovery

Prophets are a familiar character in the stories of the Old Testament. However, since Jesus Christ, has God changed his mind about these special souls who intercede for our good? Mary has appeared over the centuries with singular purpose: to encourage us to “do whatever he tells us”. In a particularly unique way, Mary came to 16th century Mexico, a scene of much conflict and few new children for Our Lord, and changed the lives of millions of people. One aspect of these apparitions, an artifact that continues amazing our technological investigations today, is the image of Our Lady left by her on the tilma of Juan Diego. For the Aztecs, who had no written words, symbols told the story. This still astounds us to this day and even proclaims the Mother of God.

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