January 8, 2014 – Joseph and His Brothers, Part 1

// January 8th, 2014 // The Joy of Discovery

Joseph’s brothers, the sons of Jacob, were the source of great hardship in Joseph’s life. Their hatred gave rise to plans for an ultimate betrayal, including his possible murder. We see, however, that God had a greater plan in mind. Through Joseph and his decision to remain faithful, God orchestrated the salvation from famine of “all the world” (Gen 41: 57). Joseph’s story is not only a foreshadowing of the coming Messiah, but his experiences also give us great hope in difficulties we may experience at the hands of friends and family members, those closest to us. The story of Joseph is recapped here. Subsequent talks will look at the role of prayer and other attainable graces that provide opportunities to recover precious love lost through challenging periods of our life.

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