January 15, 2014 – Joseph and His Brothers, Part 2

// January 15th, 2014 // The Joy of Discovery

Joseph, as we know, is hated by his brothers. Their hatred is intense and they plot to kill him. For us, if our death has never been plotted by a brother or sister, do we not sometimes suffer the most from those closest to us? In the story of Joseph and his brothers, God gives us an opportunity to see some of our own experiences. Envy. Pride. Hatred. Violence. As well as courage, purity, faithfulness and forgiveness. Yet, just as God, through Joseph, brought these tragedies to an incredible conclusion, will he not do the same for us? This story in Sacred Scripture exists for our good, to teach us and to heal us. Listeners are invited to consider how envy and other sins give rise to the rupture of the family. Yet, we also see the remedy. Read Genesis 37 – 47.

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