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March 26, 2014 – Our Lady of Sorrows

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The Church has honored Our Lady of Sorrows since the 13th century. What may we learn from this devotion? In short, not only may we come to understand that the Mother of God suffered during her life, but that our own suffering can have great merit. We become more like Christ and draw closer to his embrace when we “deny ourselves and take up our crosses” (Luke 9: 23). My guest, Deacon Dominic Peloso from the Archdiocese of San Francisco, shares the origin of this devotion, insights into Our Lady’s life, and the opportunities suffering can bring each of us. He also makes a connection with Our Lady’s apparitions in Kibeho, Rwanda in the 1980s. There, as in Fatima, Our Lady encourages us to pray the holy Rosary for the graces we need during our trials.

March 12, 2014 – Lent: An Opportunity to Magnify the Wonders of Life

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Man is always searching for meaning, including the meaning of life. Our particular orientation to life can raise different questions. If we hold to life evolving without God, right and wrong become dependent on passing things and so can change. Alternatively, for those who believe in God, we have a history that reveals God as the source of morality and in whom is goodness itself. BL John Paul II writes in The Splendor of Truth, how the rich young man asks Jesus about the good he must do to have eternal life. This beloved pope shows us that we too have these same questions about what is right and wrong, and that we somehow know they are connected with our eternal life. Lent, through its various disciplines and through the Church, presents us an opportunity to see more clearly the wonders God wishes to share.

March 05, 2014 – Prayer, Fasting and Alms Giving; Sacrifice as Source of Renewal & Strength

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Strength when we most need it can sometimes be elusive. We have seen how great athletes overcome great adversity by holding in their hearts a reward that goes beyond any accolade or gold medal. Common to them and to us this Lent is an opportunity to offer our efforts for a greater good, to sacrifice something we prefer for someone else. Through prayer, fasting and alms giving, we have an opportunity to draw closer to God. The result is the renewal of our strength and vitality. The champion David, in his fight against Goliath, shows us the way to do this.