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May 28, 2014 – David, An Inspiration for Our Life

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David did not have an easy life. He was not born into great wealth or high social stature. His greatest inheritance was his faith in God. Throughout his trials, including serious threats to his life, he trusts in God to deliver him. Later, after he becomes king, he continues trusting God. David regularly asks God what he thinks he ought to do. Today, through the Church, we can draw close to God and so also enjoy a closeness with God as David did. We have the sacraments and prayers and the saints to strengthen us.

May 21, 2014 – Cure for the Common Core

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With mounting concern over the Common Core State Standards, what are parents and teachers to do? Consider God’s providence. God founded his Church on Peter (Mt 16: 18) to aid our journey through life to heaven. In the 12th Century, the Church was instrumental in fostering education, and through its essential support, the university system was developed from what began as “Cathedral schools” (1). Paris and Bologna were the first two. Today, there are great alternatives to Common Core. These include a classical curriculum and a [non-Common Core] Christian education. What comprises a classical curriculum? How is this curriculum in harmony with Christian formation? These questions are discussed and draw from “What is a Classical Education”, by Peter Kreeft, and published in “The Classical Teacher” magazine, Spring 2009. For the complete article, see:

(1) “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization”, Thomas E. Wood, Jr., Chptr 4.

May 14, 2014 – Cures for the Common Core

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In the wake of the 2008 recession, States were offered $53 billion in “Stimulus” money if they would commit to “Four Assurances”. One of these included adopting what is now called Common Core (CCSI), a privately developed standard. According to sources noted, it comes to us without input from teachers and parents, and distances children from the good, the true and the beautiful. Missouri, one of the states using CCSI since 2009, already shows a decline in math and English language arts readiness ( Daunting? Yes! But what can we do? First, consider examples in Sacred Scripture. We have seen how our plans unravel when God is not included. Second, consider the encouragements coming from Our Lady. Mary invites us to Pray. To receive the Eucharist. To go to confession. To read Scripture and to Fast. How beautiful!
1. St. Joseph Radio Presents, “Common Core Panel”, Catholic Home School Conference, 04/11/14.
2. Univ of Notre Dame’s Law Professor, plus 132 scholars’ letter to Catholic Bishops.
3. EWTN’s Barbara McGuigon & guest Mary Jo Anderson, Mar 29, ’14.
4. Documentary on the Common Core: “Building the Machine”.
5. Summary of 10 major concerns.

Subtle Common Core Philosophy

Curious About Common Core

May 07, 2014 – Curious about Common Core?

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The Common Core State Standard that is coming to our nation deserves close attention. Its aim is to raise the level of education across the United States, a goal some believe is necessary to better compete globally. However, by many assessments, Common Core is a low standard. Even its major proponent admit it will not be sufficient for students who desire selective colleges or majors in science, technology, engineering and math. There is a greater challenge, however. Common Core pursues a gravely deficient philosophy. It does not embrace forming children in the good, the true and the beautiful.

What is the impact of this philosophy? C.S. Lewis explains that the consequence is to suffer the loss of strength, of will, of creativity. For additional information, please see these links at: “Curious about Common Core?”, and also “Subtle Common Core Philosophy”.

Curious About Common Core

Subtle Common Core Philosophy