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November 26, 2012 – The Eucharist and Spiritual Warfare

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Host Kathleen Beckman speaks about the Eucharist and spiritual warfare, discernment of spirits and the armor of God. She explains personal spiritual warfare and provides prayers approved for the laity. Giving examples of spiritual warfare in the lives of the saints, and using the Church’s teaching on how to receive liberation and healing, she gives practical tools to help us “fight the good fight”. During the program she offers approved deliverance prayers to break curses, etc.

November 19, 2012 – Mrs. Annie Karto

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Host Kathleen Beckman interviews award winning Catholic singer/songwriter and retreat leader, Mrs. Annie Karto who is seen and heard on EWTN. They will discuss Annie’s personal testimony to the power of Eucharistic life and the profound healing she experienced by the grace of Divine Mercy. They will dialogue about the sacramental life, marriage, and motherhood, coupled with servanthood; and share how “rekindling Eucharistic amazement” is relevant to the Year of Faith. Annie will tell about the new mission of “Divine Mercy for America” sponsored by Marians of the Immaculate Conception of Stockbridge, MA.

November 12, 2012 – Adoration and contemplation

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Host Kathleen Beckman discusses the distinction between Adoration and contemplation according to reflections by Fr. Raniero Cantelmessa, O.F.M.. She reflects on the precise meaning of Eucharistic contemplation and makes suggestions on how and why to make a “holy hour” according to the recommendations of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. She gives a personal testimony as to why she has made daily Mass and holy hour the center of her life for 22 years.

November 5, 2012 – The Sacramental Grace of the Mass

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Host, Kathleen Beckman will discuss why the Mass is a distinct occasion of sacramental grace because in the Eucharist we have direct physical contact with Jesus. This is the most important distinction from other forms of healing prayers. At the bottom of the hour, she will offer insights from George Weigel’s reflection on “What Voting Means” given at the OC Catholic Prayer Breakfast; and then share insights from Magnificat’s “Day of Faith” where Fr. Peter Cameron, O.P., Editor-in-Chief of Magnificat gave a keynote address on “Your Faith Has Saved You!”