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March 25, 2013 – Mrs. Aileen Blachowski, Endow Facilitator

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Host Kathleen dialogues with Aileen Blachowski on “Endow: Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women”. Aileen shares how her vocation as wife and mother (of six children) is profoundly blessed by “Endow Groups” where women discover their God-given dignity and grow to understand their role in humanizing and transforming society through the service of love. They discuss the synergy between “Magnificat, A Ministry to Catholic Women” and “Endow Groups”, both of which enjoy widespread ecclesial support of bishops and priests in over 90 dioceses.

March 18, 2013 – Bradley James

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Host Kathleen Beckman dialogues with Bradley James regarding his friendship and commissioning by Mother Teresa; and how life-changing it was for him. In one letter to Bradley, Mother Teresa wrote, “I give you my permission to write melodies to my words and prayers. That would indeed be something beautiful for God – your gift of love to the Missionaries of Charity. Let us thank God for the desire he has kindled in your heart to use the gifts he has given you for his glory!” Grammy-award winning producer John Andrew Schreiner co-produced it with James who said it’s become the best selling independently produced CD’s in the world.

March 11, 2013 – Aaron Kheriaty, M.D.

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Host Kathleen Beckman interviews Dr. Aaron Kheriaty on the genesis of his new book (written with Fr. John Cihak, STD) on how the saints, sacraments, and psychiatry can help you break the grip of depression and find happiness again. They discuss Blessed JPII’s teaching on the complimentary work of psychiatry/psychology with philosophy/theology, and how the physician and the confessor can offer God’s healing love.

March 4, 2013 – Fr. John Hampsch, CMF

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Host Kathleen Beckman interviews Fr. John Hampsch, CMF world renown preacher and teacher on the mystery of divine Providence in his personal life, the meaning and value of suffering that can become co-redemptive, and the six levels of faith related to suffering. They dialogue about Father’s experience of the grace of “baptism in the Spirit” that resulted in the miraculous cure of his speech difficulties. Father also teaches about “healing the family tree”; why we have ancestral problems and how they can be cured. Visit for Father Hampsch’s vast library of materials.