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November 25, 2013 – Dr. Robert Moynihan, Editor, Founder, “Inside the Vatican”

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Host Kathleen Beckman dialogues with Dr. Robert Moynihan upon his return from several months in Rome regarding recent events at the Vatican and with the Holy Father. Dr. Robert shares his inspiration and commitment to publishing the monthly magazine “Inside the Vatican” to bring the pulse of the heart of the Church to the world. Dr. Moynihan also updates his vision for the apostolate and how his book, “Pray for Me”, about Pope Francis helps the lay faithful to become acquainted with the spirituality of our new Holy Father.

November 18, 2013 – Fr. Gary Thomas, The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist

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Host Kathleen Beckman and Father Gary Thomas dialogue about his priestly journey; Rome experiences in formation to exercise priestly ministry as the appointed exorcist for his diocese.
Kathleen and Fr. Gary have participated in the Healing and Deliverance Conferences at Mundelein Seminary where hundreds of priests are trained in the Church’s healing ministry of deliverance. Father Gary responds to the most common questions regarding spiritual warfare: the tactics of the Enemy and the power of the Church’s arsenal against evil.

November 11, 2013 – Fr. George Zeck, The Church’s Ministry of Healing and Deliverance

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Host Kathleen and Fr. George Zeck dialogue about how people are seeking liberation from spiritual oppression; and how the faithful can use the Church’s spiritual arsenal for protection against evil. They discuss several cases of spiritual warfare dealing with individuals, families, places and how the priest works to help set people free. Father offers prayers and other suggestions for the spiritual warfare that affects many believers and their families.

November 04, 2013 – Dr. Christine Mugridge, Author, Broadcast Journalist, Media Director Archdiocese of San Francisco

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Host Kathleen Beckman and Dr. Christine Mugridge dialogue about her doctoral studies in Rome at the time of Pope John Paul II’s pontificate and her role as Vatican Press Corp (permanent status). Christine offers keen insight about living “Marian Consecration” and Pope John Paul II’s “Spirituality of Solidarity” that stresses an “encounter” with God and others. They dialogue about the JPII message of “Ecclesia in America”.