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December 29, 2011 – Kate Wicker

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Ken talks with Kate Wicker, author of Weightless -  Making Peace with Your Body (published by Servant Books which is an imprint of Franciscan Media formally know as St Anthony Press) While bookstore shelves are well stocked with advice on how to overcome body image problems, very few take a faith-based, much less Catholic, approach to self-healing.  Kate’s book speaks not only to those who may have faced an eating disorder, but also to anyone who wants to live an abundant life, unencumbered by society’s obsession with thinness, physical beauty, youth, or food.  Kate is an active blogger at her website where you can also see photos of her beautiful family. Her book is available at

December 22, 2011 – Ignatius Press editor, Vivian Dudro

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Ken talks with Ignatius Press editor Vivian Dudro about two classic novels: Ida Elizabeth by Sigrid Undset and The Song at the Scaffold by Gertrud von Le Fort.  Both of these classic novels were published in the early 1930’s by authors who are converts to the Church.  Sigrid Undset is a Nobel Prize winning author who was forced to escape from Norway to the US because her books were banned by the Nazis.  Gertrud von Le Fort’s book is based on the true story of nuns who were martyred during the French Revolution. Both novels are available at Ignatius Press


December 15, 2011 – Teresa Tomeo

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Ken talks with popular Catholic radio & TV host, and author Teresa Tomeo. Teresa’s new book is titled Extreme Makeover – Women Transformed by Christ Not Conformed to the Culture (Ignatius Press) Tomeo pulls together the latest research on social behavior and trends in order to demonstrate that women are harming themselves and their chances for true happiness by adopting the lifestyle portrayed in magazines and movies.  She also explains how secular news is biased and not telling the full story of important women’s’ issues.  Teresa uses her own life and the testimonials of other women to show the power of Christ to transform lives.  The book can be purchased at Teresa’s website or

December 8, 2011– Michelle Buckman

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Ken talks with Michelle Buckman author of six novels including Rachel’s Contrition (Sophia Institute Press under their Chisel & Cross Book imprint) In this novel you will meet Rachel who is struggling with the loss of a child and her marriage.  Help arrives from two unlikely sources, a young teenager named Lilly and a tattered holy card depicting Saint Therese.  Michelle also talks about her earlier novels.  Visit Michelle Buckman’s website Her book can be purchased at:

December 1, 2011- Anthony Ryan

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Ken talks with Anthony Ryan, Marketing Director for Ignatius Press about their recently published book The Desert Fathers – Saint Anthony and the Beginnings of Monasticism by German author and professor of theology Peter H. Gorg. In the late 3rd century, more and more people withdrew to the radical seclusion of the desert so as to live entirely for God.  Among these “Desert Fathers” St Anthony the Hermit is the best know. You will also learn about Paul of Thebes, Pachomius, and Simeon Stylites among others. This  book can be purchased at: Visit Ignatius Press at and request a copy of their great catalog.