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April 25, 2013 – Stephen Binz

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Ken’s guest is Stephen Binz, author of the Lectio Divina Bible Study Series: Learning to Pray in Scripture, The Mass in Scripture, The Sacraments in Scripture, and the latest volume The Creed in Scripture (Series published by Our Sunday Visitor) Lectio Divina, the time-tested practice of scripture immersion, is at the heart of this series. Each chapter leads you through the five steps: Listening, Understanding, Reflecting, Praying, and Acting. For example in his latest volume on the Creed, the scriptural origins of each part of the Creed are examined in scripture so Catholics can understand and live it better. Visit Stephen Binz’s website : His books are available at:

April 18, 2013 – Paula Huston

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Ken’s guest is Paula Huston, author of A Season of Mystery – 10 Spiritual Practices for Embracing A Happier Second Half of Life (Loyola Press) We live in a culture that tells us there are few things worse than aging, that we should avoid aging at all costs, and that we must shun death. And yet, no matter how much money we spend on health supplements, no matter how many gurus we consult, the fact remains unchanged: We will grow old. In A Season of Mystery, 60-year-old Paula Huston—a grandmother, and also a caretaker for her own mother and for her in-laws—shares with readers a far more fulfilling way to approach how we live and how we think about the second half of life. Each chapter offers a spiritual practice that is particularly suited to nurturing us in ways we would never have recognized in our younger lives. You can purchase her book at:

April 11, 2013 – Dr Aaron Kheriaty

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Ken’s guest is Dr Aaron Kheriaty, author of The Catholic Guide to Depression (Sophia Institute Press) How can the saints, the sacraments, and psychiatry can help you break depression’s grip and find happiness again? Countless Christians-including scores of saints-have suffered profound, pervasive sorrow that modern psychiatrists call “depression.” Then, as now, great faith and even fervent spiritual practices have generally failed to ease this wearying desolation of soul. In his book, Catholic psychiatrist Aaron Kheriaty reviews the effective ways that have recently been devised to deal with this grave and sometimes deadly affliction – ways that are not only consistent with the teachings of the Church, but even rooted in many of those teachings. You can purchase his book at:

April 4, 2013 – Fr Michael White and Tom Corcoran

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Ken’s guests are Fr Michael White and Tom Corcoran the authors of Rebuilt – Awakening the Faithful Reaching the Lost Making Church Matter (Ave Maria Press) Drawing on the wisdom gleaned from thriving mega-churches and innovative business leaders while anchoring their vision in the Eucharistic center of Catholic faith, Fr. Michael White and lay associate Tom Corcoran present the compelling and inspiring story to how they brought their parish back to life. When their parish reached a breaking point, Fr. Michael White and lay associate Tom Corcoran asked themselves how they could make the Church matter to Catholics, and they realized the answer was at the heart of the Gospel. Their faithful response not only tripled their weekend mass attendance, but also yielded increased giving, flourishing ministries, and a vibrant, solidly Catholic spiritual revival. They offer a wealth of guidance for anyone with the courage to hear them. For additional information visit You can purchase their book at: