November 21, 2013 – George Weigel

// November 21st, 2013 // Meet the Author

Ken talks with George Weigle, biographer of Blessed Pope John Paul II, about his two most recent books Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform in the 21st-Century Church and Roman Pilgrimage: The Station Churches (Basic Books) In Evangelical Catholicism he explains why the Catholic Church is on the threshold of a bold new era in its two-thousand year history. Evangelical Catholicism a way of being Catholic that comes from over a century of Catholic reform; a mission-centered renewal honed by the Second Vatican Council and given compelling expression by Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Roman Pilgrimage documents how, in recent decades, Americans in Rome have revived an ancient Christian custom: the daily pilgrimage to dozens of Rome’s most striking churches during Lent and Easter Week. Along this historical and spiritual pathway, pilgrims encounter hidden artistic wonders and treasured Christian commentaries, while also confronting the great mysteries of the Christian faith through a program of biblical and early Christian readings. This book is illustrated with beautiful photographs. You can purchase Mr. Weigel’s books at:

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