January 16, 2014 – Alyssa Bormes and Michael O’Brien

// January 16th, 2014 // Meet the Author

Ken talks with Alyssa Bormes author of The Catechism of Hockey (ACS Books) & Michael O’Brien author of Voyage to Alpha Centauri (Ignatius Press) Alyssa Bormes uses the metaphor of devotion to hockey, and sports in general, to explain the responsibility of Catholic parents to raise their children in the teachings and observances of the Church.

Michael O’Brien’s latest novel is set eighty years in the future and chronicles an expedition sent from the planet Earth to Alpha Centauri, the star closest to our solar system. The story explores vital question about human nature, and the resiliency of the Church.   You can purchase Alyssa’s  book at: http://www.chesterton.org/store/#!/~/product/category=2885097&id=27012421 To learn more about Alyssa Bormes visit http://alyssabormes.com/ You can purchase Michael’s novel at: http://www.ignatius.com/Products/VAC-H/voyage-to-alpha-centauri.aspx To learn more about Michael O’Brien visit: http://www.studiobrien.com/

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