Quest for a Culture of Life in America with Steve Koob

Steve Koob, founder and executive director of One More Soul, hosts a weekly program in which he interviews some of the people making a significant contribution to the Culture of Life. The hope and prayer is that Radio Maria listeners will be inspired by these guests, and will find ways that they too can foster a Culture of Life in their community, Church, and family.

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The Quest For A Culture Of Life In America

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August 16 2016 – Can Prayer Change Our Culture? Let us try it! Join the Novena for Our Nation

Some of us sometimes have this attitude: “When all else fails, PRAY!” I believe we have come to that point in America and the world. Satan reigns! The culture is saturated with killing-in our homes, on our streets and at OUR abortuaries in America. ALL else is failing; let’s try praying! Let’s try the 54 day Novena for Our Nation!


The time is now to call upon God, through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary, to heal our country and return it to holiness.

This is a nationwide prayer campaign called the “Novena for Our Nation.” Everyone from around the nation is encouraged to join ranks as, united, we pray the very powerful 54 Day Rosary Novena from the Feast of the Assumption on August 15 to the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7.

We are living in extraordinary times. Presidential executive actions, US congressional and state legislation as well as court rulings at all levels up to the Supreme Court are in conflict with God’s laws; especially the disregard for the rights of the unborn, elderly and weak in our society and the attacks on marriage and family values. At the same time society and government are becoming more intolerant towards biblical based religious belief and practice. In conflict with First Amendment constitutional rights, persecution of traditional religious expression has reached unprecedented levels. We are in a Spiritual Battle.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary action. In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, and as we enter the centennial year of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, we are called upon to help turn our country back towards God. We will accomplish that through prayer; prayer that can change hearts, change families, change our communities and change our country. There is no stronger weapon in this Spiritual Battle than the Rosary.


Pope St. Pius V formed the original Holy League in response to the dire situation in which Christian Europe found itself in 1571. Small bands of Catholic men and remnant armies from various nations came together under the spiritual leadership of the saintly pontiff and the military leadership of Don John of Austria.

By prayer and fasting, they implored the help of God’s grace, through the intercession of the Mother of God, and, by the grace of Almighty God, on October 7, 1571, at the Battle of Lepanto; the Christian fleet won a crushing victory over the Ottoman Turks, saving Christendom and western civilization.

The new Holy League, under the spiritual guidance of Cardinal Raymond Burke is, .essentially, calling men to combat the forces of evil in today’s society. The Holy League strives to call men back to the state of grace and to transforming the culture through prayer (primarily Adoration and Confession) and training in holiness. You can read about this Catholic men’s movement ( —>continue reading at

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August 09 2016 – Mary’s Assumption Part II with Fr Edward Looney

“The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” has been airing since 2010. Six years of weekly programs are archived and easily searched at, including Virginia Kimball’s beautiful teaching on Mary’s Assumption last Tuesday. If you were not able to listen, I believe that you would be blessed by listening now.

Our Guest this week is Father Edward Looney, a young priest ordained one year ago for the Diocese of Green Bay.

Have you heard of the “Packers” and the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help?

Father is already a noteworthy Marian scholar and author of several works on Mary, the Rosary and the Shrine. He is a member of the Mariological Society of America and you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Soundcloud.

August 15th is the traditional date for celebrating Mary’s bodily ascension into Heaven-titled the Assumption to distinguish from Jesus’ Ascension. Fr Looney would like to continue our teaching on Mary and her Assumption with:

  • The Life of the Virgin: Maximus the Confessor, translated by Stephen J. Shoemaker; what does it say?
  • Full of Grace film.
  • Artistic expressions of the Assumption.
  • Praying with the Assumption- The Rosary Litany
  • The Liturgies the Assumption and Mary’s Queenship, August 22nd.

For a concise and authoritative History of the Assumption Doctrine, see “All About Mary” at the International Marian Research Institute:

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August 2 2016 – It is the Month of Mary’s Assumption; what does her Assumption mean for us and our culture?

We have now begun the Month of August during which we celebrate the bodily Assumption of Mary into Heaven. It is therefore fitting to invite Mariologist Professor Virginia Kimball, STD, to be our Guest on Radio Maria today at Noon ET. Her special interest is in Marian spirituality and devotion in other Christian denominations and other religions, including Islam.

Virginia is President of the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary –USA which will be holding its annual conference on “Mary in Scripture”, 4-6 August, Mount Saint Mary College, in Newburgh NY. “Its aim is to show that in Mary, Christians of many traditions may find a focus in their search for unity.” All are welcome!

Interestingly, Mary is referred to more times in the Koran than in Sacred Scripture, which may explain why Muslims have a special reverence for Mary. I have read of large recent conversions of Muslims to Christianity, though not so much to Catholicism. I hope Virginia can tell us if this is a “Mary effect”!

Virginia received both the STL (Licentiate in Sacred Theology, 2000) and STD (Doctorate in Sacred Theology, 2003) from IMRI (International Marian Research Institute) at the University of Dayton and is a frequent contributor to IMRI’s website–The Mary Page. She teaches for Assumption College, Worcester MA.

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July 26 2016 – Cardinal Sarah’s historic Liturgical Restoration Address – Part II

Robert Cardinal Sarah’s magnificent address to the 2016 Sacra Liturgia London Conference is an historic effort to restore the Liturgy to its pre-Vatican Council II glory. The internet is abuzz with commentary, particularly addressing Cardinal Sarah’s recommendation that priests say the Mass/Liturgy facing ad orientem–Liturgical East–toward the the Risen Son–the direction from which Jesus will come for the Second Coming.

Our Guest today on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” is Dom (Father) Alcuin Reid, a French Monk with impeccable Liturgist credentials, and the driving force for the Sacra Liturgia Conferences held annually since Sacra Liturgia 2013 Rome. Dom Alcuin gives us an opportunity to be present for Cardinal Sarah’s address and share the reactions of the conferees AND the world-wide response from:

  • the Vatican
  • various bishop’s conferences
  • individual bishops, and
  • a plethora of commentators/bloggers on the internet

Cardinal Sarah has proven that Pope Francis is not the only bishop (he is the Bishop of Rome) capable of stirring up the Church of Jesus Christ.

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July 19 2016 – Cardinal Sarah does his job and the Vatican humiliates him! What is going on?

When Pope Francis asked Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah to be the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine ‘Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments in late 2014, Sarah asked Francis, “What do you want me to do?” The Pope responded, “Reform the liturgy to conform to the authentic desires of the VCII Fathers and look to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (author of The Spirit of the Liturgy) for guidance.”

With interviews, writings and presentations, Cardinal Sarah has been doing just that, culminating with his magnificent address to the 2016 Sacra Liturgia Conference in London on July 5th, translated (probably from French) by Life Site News —> attachment.

He speaks first of all about the Mass being necessarily focused on God, and then on the VCII Fathers’ desires for the Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium, for unity in the Church. Cardinal Sarah points out the disunity manifested by massive migration away from the Mass since the great variety of abuses that followed VCII. He strongly encouraged priests and bishops to say the Novus Ordo Mass ad orientem–facing Liturgical East–and to begin to do so by Advent 2016. There is much more to chew on in his address.

BUT, within a week of the London address, the Vatican–supposedly at the direction of Pope Francis–undercuts Sarah’s efforts at reform by discouraging the proposed reforms. See second attachment. WHAT IS GOING ON?

For answers we look to Father Richard Cipolla, Pastor of vibrant St Mary Parish in Norwalk CT. Father was a presenter at Sacra Liturgia USA in June 2015. His experience with the historically faithful Anglican Liturgy is foundational to his critique of changes to the Roman Rite that have characterized American liturgical practices. Father Richard is already on record (3rd attachment) supporting Cardinal Sarah. I am VERY eager to hear what he has to say about this latest confusion from the Holy See.

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