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The Quest For A Culture Of Life In America

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Steve Koob, founder and executive director of One More Soul, hosts a weekly program on Radio Maria, titled “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” on Tuesdays at NOON eastern time (11am central). Each week Steve interviews someone who is making a significant contribution to the Culture of Life. The hope and prayer is that Radio Maria listeners will be inspired by these guests, and will find ways that they too can foster a Culture of Life in their community, Church, and family.

August 5, 2014 – Dr Dennis Doody

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If you have minor children or grandchildren, you should be very interested in knowing the difference between authentically Catholic Pediatrics and what the rest of the profession is willing and eager to do to your children. We are very blessed to have Dr Dennis Doody describe best Catholic pediatrics versus what else is available. Unfortunately, the most common Pediatrics may not be the best for your children and their relationship with their parents.

What about vaccines produced from aborted children cell lines? Is Autism related to aborted baby derived vaccines? What about Gardasil? Why is it being pushed for boys and girls?

Can parents refuse to have their children vaccinated and still have them enrolled in school? Are home-schooled children exempt?

Is it possible for a Catholic Physician or PA to practice medicine and be true to their Catholic Faith? Private or public practice?

Dr Doody strives to do just that, but he pays a price-a price others may find unacceptable. Where is the support for authentically Catholic health care? How can you help?

July 29, 2014 – Robert Reilly

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Not very long ago, virtually all people and religions considered same-sex attraction as “disordered” and same-gender sexual activity as disgusting, unlawful, and intrinsically evil. But today, numerous polls indicate that most Americans, including many Catholics, now support same-sex “marriage”.

Where has the “gay rights” movement come from, and how has it so easily (and successfully) conquered America? Robert Reilly believes the answers are in the dynamics of rationalizing sexual misbehavior. He makes his case in Making Gay Okay, How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything.

Rationalization or justification, or making to appear normal, is not new to our culture. Consider the rationalization of birth control, abortion, divorce, and co-habitation, to name but a few behaviors now considered normal, but not long ago were shameful.

American institutions–courts, armed forces, schools, Boy Scouts, foreign policy–have fallen in line to accept homosexuality as normal and the behavior as acceptable. What more can we expect? What can be done to stop this assault on decency and common sense. I pray that Robert has some answers for us.

July 22, 2014 – Charles Rice

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Charles Rice is the author of numerous books on constitutional and jurisprudence issues and best known for his over 40 years on the faculty of Notre Dame Law School where he continues to teach “Morality and the Law”. Rice is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. He serves on boards for Franciscan University of Steubenville, EWTN, the Center for Law and Justice International in New Hope, Kentucky, and the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor. He and his wife, Mary, have 10 children and over 40 grandchildren.

Professor Rice has written a new book–Contraception & Persecution. This title at first struck me as odd–what does contraception have to do with persecution? Are the Catholic Church and loyal Catholics being persecuted for believing that contraception is intrinsically evil–never to be condoned or practiced? Are we obliged to disobey unjust laws that conflict with the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church?

In a little over 100 packed pages, Professor Rice efficiently describes contraception’s pervasive impact on women, society, and the Church. He also makes the claim that contraception is less about sex and more about God and His First Great Commandment. It takes only a little reflection to recognize the persecution caused by the federal government’s HHS mandate, its promotion of contraception, abortion, and sterilization world wide, and executive branch support for the same-sex-attraction agenda including same-sex “marriage”.

Rice extensively quotes a 2012 Wall Street Journal interview of then Archbishop Timothy Dolan, where he admits that the American bishops have had laryngitis regarding contraception. I will be very interested in Professor Rice’s predictions regarding the clergy’s cure for laryngitis.

July 15, 2014 – “Have A Heart For The Next Generation”

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We have multiple Guests to share their part in “Have A Heart For The Next Generation” — local adults and young people who have a heart for preborn children and want to learn how to stop the killing of their younger brothers and sisters in the Lord. From Dayton, we are expecting Paul Coudron from Dayton Right to Life, Ryan Mahle and Katie Pfeifer, Archbishop Altar HS, and hopefully Bob and Vivian Skovgard

We will also have those from outside the Dayton community who are here to lead the event–Wendy Wright and the Scott and Kathy Heldreth family of 8 children who have traveled all the way from Texas to help educate and train the Dayton “young” and “young at heart”. Wendy is a veteran pro-life leader who “went from Bible College to jail to invitations to the White House”. She is VP of C-FAM (they monitor the often anti-life/family activities at the UN) and a former president of Concerned Women for America.

I am very eager to learn more about “Have A Heart . . .” and these totally committed people who are making a commitment to the culture of life in Dayton.

July 8, 2014 – Professor Michael Carter

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Last week, in the midst of the Fortnight For Freedom events, University of Dayton History Professor Michael Carter made an excellent presentation at St Charles Borromeo Church in Kettering Ohio. I asked him to share his “History of Religious Freedom and Catholicism” lecture with the Radio Maria listeners on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” Tuesday the 8th at Noon ET. He graciously accepted. As we continue our quest for government’s acknowledgement of our right to religious freedom, including the right to act and behave in public according to our beliefs, it is good to take a look back into our history to see if our religious liberty has ever been under such severe attack. I asked Professor Mike what was the situation in the 13 colonies regarding religious freedom? What role did Catholics play in the founding of our country? Compare with the present day attacks on religious freedom by or own government.

July 1, 2014 – Professor Ray Noble

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I have asked Prof Ray Noble to help us understand the Hobby Lobby decision and its ramifications for lower court cases that have been looking to this case for guidance. Did the Court strike a significant blow to the Affordable Care Act, or is the decision too narrow to be of great significance?

June 24, 2014 – Anne Cherney

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Anne and her husband gave it back to God! They gave back to the Creator the decision, power and authority that He gives by way of Natural Family Planning (NFP). AND, God generously reciprocated by giving them 10 beautiful children and 34 born grandchildren–17 of each gender, with an unspecified tie-breaker en-route! Praise the Lord from whom all Supreme Blessings flow.

AND, 90% of this large family gets together a couple times per month because they are all within a 30 mile diameter circle. I can only imagine the fun and vitality that all these cousins enjoy together?

Anne gives Fr John Hardon credit for coining Supernatural Family Planning, as well as the encouragement she needed to pursue her Masters Degree at the John Paul II Institute.

Anne does not condemn NFP. She suggests that SnFP is really a more accurate version of natural child spacing. Why? maybe because God created Nature. God and Nature are synonymous. NFP makes Man synonymous with Nature which suggests that Man is God.

That’s my version of how it all works. I’m eager to hear what Anne thinks about that–and much more.

June 17, 2014 – Fr Matthew Habiger

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Conscience is such an important topic and Fr Habiger such an authority that we felt it would be good to continue our conversation from May 27th when Father was our Guest on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America”. During that program Father taught from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)–Article 1777 and following. This week’s program will explore some additional ways at approaching this critical topic, particularly the teachings of recent popes.

Why is “conscience” such an important topic, you may ask? It is important because one’s conscience is the means by which God communicates to each person. As such we are required to follow our conscience, AND we are required to form our conscience correctly. It is this second part that is not well understood and accepted. Correct formation requires thorough study of the teachings of the Catholic Church as contained in the CCC and in papal encyclicals, like Humanae Vitae, Evangelium Vitae and Familiaris Consortio.

Father Matthew will be referring to an article he wrote, “The Role of Conscience”, which can be found at If you have time, you may want to read at least part of this work before the program.

We will be broadcasting at Noon ET on Tuesday June 17th. You can listen at your computer on . Conscience Part I is archived at