November 27, 2012 – Fr Daniel McCaffrey

// November 27th, 2012 // Quest for a Culture of Life in America

Fr Daniel McCaffrey has been my very good friend for almost 20 years and I am very pleased that he will be our Guest today. Father is a retired Army Chaplain, a theologian, and long time supporter of Natural Family Planning and the entire Church teaching on sexual morality. As the founder of NFP Outreach, he travels the world preaching and teaching God’s plan for procreation. He and Fr Matthew Habiger–last week’s Guest–have done many diocesan clergy convocations, giving priests and bishops the tools they need to preach and teach about contraception and the blessings of children, most recently in the dioceses of Wichita, Peoria and Brownsville. Fr McCaffrey also does parish missions–weekend or longer–where the parishioners demonstrate their appreciation for hearing the truth with standing ovations and a generous second collection.

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