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May 28, 2013 – Ben Johnson

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The pro-life movement has come to rely on Life Site News to know what is happening around the world that retards and advances the Culture of Life. Ben Johnson is the US Bureau Chief for LSN. That means he is responsible for every article about what is going on in the USA. He either writes the articles, or assigns them to other writers. In other words, he knows what is happening before we read about it. Today’s program will be very interesting!

May 21, 2013

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We are living in exciting times for the Culture of Life in America as we are seeing the abortion industry crumbling right before our eyes. Abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s conviction of murdering newborns and his sentence to life in prison without possibility of parole happened in large part because of the testimony of his own employees. That fact must be sending shivers up the spines of many abortionists.

His trial has also focused a very bright light on the abortion business, raising fundamental questions about the disjointed logic that allows an almost born infant to be killed with impunity, while holding a just born infant’s murder as murder. It’s all about location, location, location.

Kate Bryan is deep into “Live Action”–an organization that stings abortionists by visiting them, asking common sense questions, and secretly videotaping the ensuing Q&A! Live Action sting operations have placed Planned Parenthood in the sex-trafficking business and willing to abort babies because they were the “wrong” gender. Live Action is bringing the Culture of Life to America.

You can watch their videos at

May 7, 2013 – Anne Cherney

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Anne Cherney is the mother of 10 and has her Masters in Theology from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family. She has written a soon to be published book with the working title Supernatural Family Planning, the Original Method. Anne continues our Quest for a better understanding of the Church’s teaching on “family planning” and our responsibility in that area of life.
Anne is thus our 4th Guest in the recent past to treat the subject of NFP, following Fr William Gardner–pastor for Diocese of Peoria, Dr Jay Boyd–Developmental Psychologist and Catholic blogger from Oregon, and Kim Cole–long-time teacher of the Ovulation Method in Colorado Springs.