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September 24, 2013 – Seven Mosher, President of Population Research Institute

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Steven Mosher is President of the Population Research Institute and an astute demographer who blew the whistle on China’s “one-child-policy” and forced abortion approach to implementing that policy. On today’s program he reviews his China experience as a Stanford U graduate student and then describes the research that PRI has done that raises serious questions concerning Catholic charities involvement with the US Agency for International Development (USIAD). USAID is well known to be a major promoter and distributor of birth control all over the world. Its approach to assisting poor countries is to reduce their population by coercive contraceptive and sterilization programs. PRI has uncovered strong evidence that Catholic Relief Services has collaborated with USAID in at least a few countries, accepting US Government funds and hiring promoters/distributors of intrinsic evil. Steven raises a good question—“Would the Catholic Church better serve the poor (consistent with Church teaching) by avoiding USAID funding in favor of purely charitable donations from US Catholics?”

September 17, 2013 – Mariathon – David Foppe

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This week is Radio Mariathon Week, so we will be partially focused on raising the funds necessary for bringing “Christian Radio into your home”, including “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America”. Our Guest this week is in fact a regular listener to this program so I can ask him what he appreciates about the “Quest” and why he encourages others to listen. David lives in North Carolina so he listens online since there are no RM stations near him.

David and his wife Meg are “promoters” of NFP for the Couple to Couple League. They understand their role as a “calling” and take it very seriously. As you might expect, they have used the Sympto-Thermal Method during their marriage, and like many/most NFP-using couples, they have many children; their 5th is due in January.

David can trace his love for the Catholic Church back to his youth on an Army base where Fr Daniel McCaffrey was Chaplain. In effect, David is a 2nd generation NFP promoter, following in the footsteps of his spiritual father–Father McCaffrey–founder of NFP Outreach.

David’s conversion to active Catholic is a sweet story of the affect of collaboration between a committed lay person (his mother) and a faithful priest/shepherd (Fr McCaffrey). I’m convinced that we need the laity and the clergy to work together to establish a Culture of Life in America and around the world. I pray that this program is helping to achieve that goal by helping our listeners find their particular role in that mission.

September 10, 2013 – Fr Matthew Habiger, OSB, PhD

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The US Supreme Court was recently asked to redefine marriage to include partners of the same gender. The Court’s ruling was somewhat ambiguous and thus confusing.

The issue raises serious questions about “marriage”. What is it? Who decides? Is there (or was there) a universally accepted definition? Is it important? Why?

Our Guest on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” is Fr Matthew Habiger, a Benedictine priest at Benedictine College, Atchison KS. Fr Matthew has a PhD in moral Theology from Catholic University of America, and travels throughout the country speaking on “God’s plan for Marriage, Spousal Love and Family” as part of the NFP Outreach apostolate. He is superbly qualified to acquaint us with the development of an authentic “marriage” definition–from God, as well as the erosion of that definition through out history.

We want to provide you with the understanding and words for explaining what marriage is and what it cannot be. There are many resources to assist you. Then we want to challenge you to spread the truth about marriage in your parishes (including your pastor), families and various other groups.

September 03, 2013 – Huan Hoang

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I’m completing my IL, WI, MN grand tour with this Radio Maria broadcast of “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” from Madison WI.

Thirty-eight years ago, 5 year-old Huan Hoang, his parents and other family members, escaped South Vietnam in a leaky barge to become part of the large Vietnamese refugee program that settled in the US. Many of these families were Catholic in Vietnam and were settled here with the assistance of Catholic Social Services. Huan and his family first settled in California and then moved to Madison where he attended the U of Wisconsin and earned a BS in Pharmacy (RPh) and has been a licensed pharmacist here for 22 years with the same company.

I know of only a few pharmacies and pharmacists who will not dispense birth control pills or other means of artificial birth control. Huan will tell us of his struggle in this area and some of the ideas he is pursuing to relieve him of this moral burden, including the idea of a “Natural Law Pharmacy”. In spite of Madison’s reputation as a very liberal community (home base for the U of Wisconsin), Huan will tell us of the many Catholic resources that co-exist here and confront the strong liberal culture with a healthy and holy model for living and promoting a Culture of Life.

Huan and I hope/pray that his journey will be an inspiration to others–not only pharmacists–to align their lives with God’s plan as best encouraged by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Please pray for Huan and other health care providers as they confront the challenges of their professions.