September 10, 2013 – Fr Matthew Habiger, OSB, PhD

// September 10th, 2013 // Quest for a Culture of Life in America

The US Supreme Court was recently asked to redefine marriage to include partners of the same gender. The Court’s ruling was somewhat ambiguous and thus confusing.

The issue raises serious questions about “marriage”. What is it? Who decides? Is there (or was there) a universally accepted definition? Is it important? Why?

Our Guest on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” is Fr Matthew Habiger, a Benedictine priest at Benedictine College, Atchison KS. Fr Matthew has a PhD in moral Theology from Catholic University of America, and travels throughout the country speaking on “God’s plan for Marriage, Spousal Love and Family” as part of the NFP Outreach apostolate. He is superbly qualified to acquaint us with the development of an authentic “marriage” definition–from God, as well as the erosion of that definition through out history.

We want to provide you with the understanding and words for explaining what marriage is and what it cannot be. There are many resources to assist you. Then we want to challenge you to spread the truth about marriage in your parishes (including your pastor), families and various other groups.

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