September 24, 2013 – Seven Mosher, President of Population Research Institute

// September 24th, 2013 // Quest for a Culture of Life in America

Steven Mosher is President of the Population Research Institute and an astute demographer who blew the whistle on China’s “one-child-policy” and forced abortion approach to implementing that policy. On today’s program he reviews his China experience as a Stanford U graduate student and then describes the research that PRI has done that raises serious questions concerning Catholic charities involvement with the US Agency for International Development (USIAD). USAID is well known to be a major promoter and distributor of birth control all over the world. Its approach to assisting poor countries is to reduce their population by coercive contraceptive and sterilization programs. PRI has uncovered strong evidence that Catholic Relief Services has collaborated with USAID in at least a few countries, accepting US Government funds and hiring promoters/distributors of intrinsic evil. Steven raises a good question—“Would the Catholic Church better serve the poor (consistent with Church teaching) by avoiding USAID funding in favor of purely charitable donations from US Catholics?”

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