Quest for a Culture of Life in America with Steve Koob

Steve Koob, founder and executive director of One More Soul, hosts a weekly program in which he interviews some of the people making a significant contribution to the Culture of Life. The hope and prayer is that Radio Maria listeners will be inspired by these guests, and will find ways that they too can foster a Culture of Life in their community, Church, and family.

February 16, 2016 – Does Third Party Reproduction violate the Constitution?

What is “Third Party Reproduction” (TPR)?  And what could it possibly have to do with the Constitution?  Those were the questions that came to my mind when Ellen Giangiordano offered to be our Guest on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America”.

TPR is creation of human life by unnatural means involving sperm, egg or womb from persons (a “third party”) other than the intended parents.  I’ll depend on Ellen to answer the second question.  Ellen is an attorney, writer and stay-at-home mom.  How she developed an interest in TPR and the “mystical” experience that encourages her are fascinating.

I had not paid much attention to TPR until reading Ellen’s articles and chatting with her at length.  The subject is complex and very disturbing.  The children that issue from these relationships are being treated like products, commodities to be bought and sold, which gives you a hint to the Constitution connection.

For homework (optional) google “AnonymousUs”  to read the heart-breaking stories/feelings of TPR products.  Then you will begin to have an understanding of the effect their status has on them.


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