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Steve Koob, founder and executive director of One More Soul, hosts a weekly program in which he interviews some of the people making a significant contribution to the Culture of Life. The hope and prayer is that Radio Maria listeners will be inspired by these guests, and will find ways that they too can foster a Culture of Life in their community, Church, and family.

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July 05 2016 – Masculine Genius Part II with Prof Deborah Savage

Last Tuesday, Dave McClow gave us an excellent introduction to the Masculine Genius as a complement to Feminine Genius. Its archived at . Pope Saint John Paul II coined Feminine Genius and encouraged the study of women’s special gifts and how they can be useful to the Church. Pope Francis has spoken similarly.

In promise and challenge, Catholic Women Reflect on Feminism, Complementarity, and the Church, Editor Mary Rice Hasson collected 15 essays from female authors. Of the thirteen articles devoted to women, several expressed the need for companion writings on men, especially on Masculine Genius, because the complementarity of maleness is important to understanding Feminine Genius. To her credit, Mary recognized this fact and included two articles on men–“The Genius of Man” by Deborah Savage, PhD, and “The Dignity and Vocation of Men” by Theresa Farnan, PhD.

Deborah spent 25 years in the semiconductor industry in California before making the radical switch to Marquette’s Religious Studies PhD program majoring in theology and philosophy. She teaches in both disciplines at the University of St Thomas, St Paul Minnesota, and directs the master’s program in Pastoral Ministry at its St Paul Seminary.

Dr Savage appeals to Sacred Scripture to discern Masculine and Feminine Genius from creation accounts of Adam and Eve in Genesis 1 and 2 and then from New Testament insights to St Joseph and Mary. How can Adam, Eve, Mary and Joseph depict the Genius attributes of 21st Century Man and Woman? Don’t cell phones, the internet and the Culture of Death change everything? Have we not evolved?

Is the Masculine Genius of bishops, priests and deacons different from that of other men? Or should it be?

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June 28 2016 – Masculine Genius, Fatherhood and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Feminine Genius is a collage of admirable qualities that are more common (or even unique) to women than to men? Some such qualities are receptivity, sensitivity, generosity, and maternity. Feminine Genius phraseology is attributed to Pope Saint John Paul II whose writings on the dignity of women can be found in Dignitatum Mulieris and Letter to Women. It has been suggested that all the qualities of feminine genius root from the unique feminine quality of motherhood.

Much less has been written about the Masculine Genius which by the nature of male and female (as He created them) necessitates that the two geniuses would be diverse and complementary. Dave McClow is developing a Catholic Vision of Masculinity commensurate with his vocation as a Clinical Pastoral Counselor with the Pastoral Solutions Institute providing tele-counseling services to Catholics internationally.

Saint John Paul and others consider Mary the ultimate example of Feminine Genius which quite naturally suggests that St Joseph may be the ultimate example of Masculine Genius by virtue of his being the foster father of the the God-Man Jesus. Fatherhood is also a unique quality of men that we celebrated earlier this month.

Please join me in asking Dave some questions:

  • How is our culture suffering from missing masculine genius?
  • What are the most significant manly qualities that define his “genius”?
  • How do they compliment the feminine genius qualities?
  • Is “fatherhood” as important to maleness as “motherhood” is to femaleness?
  • How does the June celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus tie into masculine genius?
  • What are you doing to help men develop their masculine genius?

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June 21 2016 – Competing Cultures of Life & Death – Virtues & Vices

There is so much goodness and beauty in our families, communities, parishes and the Church and country as a whole. One need only travel, attend a family reunion, participate in a parish program–social, evangelical, educational, pastoral, you name it–to see the God’s blessings.

On the other side, Satan is not taking a vacation. He is working 24/7 to lead us astray with considerable success as obvious by the federal government’s endorsement of legalized abortion and healthcare support for same and contraception, sterilization, same-sex marriage, LGBT and gender theory activism. Where does it end?

Kevin Vost, PhD in Psychology, speaks and writes (The Seven Deadly Sins, A Thomistic Guide to Vanquishing Vice and Sin) about our most common vices and their competing virtues. Kevin will be our Guest on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America”, Tuesday the 21st. Please join Kevin and me at Noon ET to learn about sin (vice) and why pride is the deadliest sin of all and foundational to all other sins/vices. AND, why humility and charity/love are the Mother virtues for vanquishing the deadliest vices.

Kevin will explain how vices are paired, like gluttony and lust, such that gluttony leads to lust. Who would have thought that? He may have something there! Just look at the predominance of obesity, the focus on food, dieting and nutrition. And, observe the sexualization of our culture–the abuse of God’s great gift of our sexuality and the many ways that gift is distorted for evil. He asks, “Have you ever heard a homily on gluttony (or lust)?”

I love his Seven Deadly Sins book published by Sophia Institute Press,

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June 14 2016 – How do you discern God’s will for your whole life, for today – for the next minute???

Is God’s will the first priority in your life? Jesus apparently wants it to be. He taught us to pray “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”
Most of us say this prayer daily, and perhaps without much thought about what we are praying for—thy will be done—and our responsible response to the prayer—to seek His will and then do His will every moment of every day.

We live in a culture that focuses on individual desires, wants, and wills with little thought of God and what God’s will might be. Mary Eberstat says that, “the West has lost its sense of God”. Do you want to give God a chance to direct your life?

If you say “YES!!”, then you will want to listen to “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” on Radio Maria at Noon ET today. Our Guest will be Jane Rutter, author of Seasons of the Spirit, Reflections on Finding God in Daily Life, Liturgical Press,

For 15 years, E. Jane Rutter directed the Stewardship Office for the Diocese of Jefferson City (MO) and she continues to write a spiritual column for its diocesan newspaper—The Catholic Missourian. She and her husband David have three children and a granddaughter. Their family farm specializes in food for the family and asparagus as a cash crop.

In the 79 Reflections that make up Seasons of the Spirit, Jane follows the Liturgical Year from Advent to Ordinary Time, intertwining her passions for stewardship, family and homemaking/farming with her hunt for God’s will in her life.

I want to know what her strategy is for finding God’s direction for her life? Is it as simple as making moments of “Stillness” (#42) so God can get a few words into our busy lives? How is God’s will/direction made known to us? What life experiences have shown Jane God’s unexpected plan for her life? Is time at Mass or in Eucharistic Adoration a particularly rich time for receiving God’s direction?

Jane frequently reminds the reader that everything we have–material and immaterial–comes from God and ultimately is returned to God. AND, God can rightly ask whether we buried His gifts, or nurtured them or invested them such that their value was increased–as any good steward should do–and as the Sacred Scripture encourages in the talents parables. How does God want you to use the talents He gave you?

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June 7 2016 – Brain Death Part III, Angela Clemente’s personal experiences

On May 3rd, Dr Paul Byrne, MD, neonatologist and expert on “brain death” gave us an introductory course on the connection between a “brain death” diagnosis and the organ donation/transplant industry. Dr Paul is the founder of the Life Guardian Foundation ( where you will find information and resources to help save a life. Dr Paul wrote an excelent summary of the issue for Renew America—> byrne/120216 .

The following week (May 10) found Bernice Jones and Missy on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” describing how their children were declared brain dead and became fodder for the transplant industry.

Today (Tuesday June 7) Angela Clemente will describe the process she had to invent to save her mother’s life, as well as a variety of experiences she has had as an advocate for other families that have fought the medical establishment to get proper treatment for a family member who was declared brain dead.

Angela is a forensic scientist [forensic scientists are tasked with the collection, preservation, and analysis of scientific evidence during the course of an investigation] with vast experience in law, medicine and criminal investigation serving law enforcement, the FBI and the state department. She uses her analysis and investigative skills to assist families being bullied by the medical community. She is the perfect person to ask these questions:

  • What are typical situations that lead to a “brain death diagnosis”?
  • Whereas, a few years ago it was not uncommon for someone to remain in ICU on a ventilator for several months, today hospitals may hasten to remove ordinary life sustaining care like water, food and oxygen in a few days. Why is that?
  • What is “brain death” (bd)? Does a determination of bd depend on the sophistication of the equipment being used and the training/experience of the technician? Are their standards/protocols/certification???
  • Following a serious accident, a call goes to 911 and EMTs soon arrive. Could the care administered by EMTs be compromised by the transplant industry? What should one look for?
  • How might one’s care in ER and ICU be determined to benefit the Hospital rather than the patient?
  • What is the typical process that takes place when a patient is considered a prime source for vital organs?
  • When in this process must a family member be prepared to intervene? How?
  • Why is it difficult to remove a family member patient from a hospital that refuses to treat?
  • In addition to yourself and Dr Paul Byrne, who else (individuals and organizations) can be called for assistance in preserving the life of a friend?

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May 31 2016 – Gender Theory and Gender Mainstreaming – The Latest Assault on the Family

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who change darkness into light, and light into darkness, who change bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter!”(Isaiah 5:20)

Woe to those in government who try to force removal of any differentiation between man and woman, male and female, boys and girls. Woe to those who would allow males to use bathrooms and other facilities where women and girls undress. Woe to those who advocate a sexless and genderless society that accommodates the “freedom” to choose one’s gender/sex.

I suppose it should not be surprising that our make-believe-culture, which grants the legal “right” to kill one’s own child, or “marry” a person of the same gender/sex, would attempt to wipe away any distinction between male and female. But God made us male and female–“. . . male and female he created them.”(Gn1:27)

What and who are driving this phenomenon? And why has it gained traction? And who is confronting it?

Today we ask Gabriele Kuby for answers. Gabriele is a German Catholic, mother, sociologist, and author of The Global Sexual Revolution: The Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, originally in German (2012), recently (2015) translated to English, published by LifeSite and Angelico Press, Kettering Ohio,

Pope Benedict XVI said this about the German edition, “Mrs. Kuby is a brave warrior against ideologies that ultimately result in the destruction of man.”

Other testimonies:

“. . . Her work will help readers understand that false visions of freedom are highways to slavery, and that true freedom is to be found in self-mastery and virtue.” —ROBERT P. GEORGE, Princeton University
“Kuby maps the topography of horror that sex unleashed from the moral order visits upon any society that allows it. —ROBERT R. REILLY, American Foreign Policy Council
“Gabriele Kuby is a global treasure and a remarkably brave soul, speaking as she does from the very heart of European secularism. In this book, Kuby gets to the heart of the matter: the grotesque distortion of the human person at the hands of the sexual left, through what Pope Francis and the African bishops properly call ‘ideological colonialism.’” —AUSTIN RUSE, President, Center for Family & Human Rights
“Gabriele Kuby is a contemporary Joan of Arc in Europe . . . she is awakening the conscience of a generation. Writing with utter lucidity, in The Global Sexual Revolution she gives us a comprehensive understanding of the war for the future of mankind that has spread with astonishing speed throughout the world. . . . ” —MICHAEL D. O’BRIEN,
“The sexual revolution has never been about true freedom, but rather, about destroying it. Gabriele Kuby makes an eloquent and factual case for why all those concerned with liberty and rights of conscience must stand up—before it is too late—to those agendas that seek, even demand, to take away our freedom.” —ALAN E. SEARS, President, Alliance Defending Freedom

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May 24 2016 – Do you want to be God? Does God want you to be God?

These two question no doubt strike most of you (and me) as very strange. We know from Sacred Scripture* that we were created in God’s image and likeness. But can that mean we so image God, and are so like Him, that we are Gods?

We are very fortunate to have Father David Meconi, SJ, Theology professor at St Louis U, explain The Catholic Theology of Human Deification, which is the subtitle for Called to Be the Children of God. Father Meconi and Carl Olson, MTS, are the editors of Called to . . . , which is hot off the press from Ignatius Press.

This concept of being God according to Catholic teaching is totally different from that of modern individuals making themselves cultural gods that recognize their own ideas of truth. The US Supreme Court has fostered this “freedom” by their recently redefining marriage and religious freedom, and in PP vs Casey (1992) that affirmed the right to abortion because “people . . . have organized intimate relationships and made choices that define their views of themselves and their places in society, in reliance on the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail.”

From the press release for Called to Be Children of God: The first generations of Christians saw in their new lives in Jesus Christ a way to transcend all the limitations of sin and death and become new creatures. St. Peter expressed this as “participating in the divine nature” (2 Pet 1:4), while St. Athanasius stated it succinctly 300 years later: “God became a human, so humans could become God.” This is the heart of the Christian faith and the pledge of the Christian promise: that those baptized in Christ become “divine” through their partaking in God’s own life and love. This is why Christians can live forever, this is the source of their charity and their holiness, this is why we do not need to live in a world ruled by fallen instinct and sinful desires. We have been made for more, for infinitely more.

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May 17, 2016 – Father Frank Pavone’s latest book encourages homilists to address the evil of abortion

It is always a great joy for me to have Fr Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, as our Guest on “The quest for a Culture of Life in America” because he is the most articulate, and one of the most prominent, pro-life leaders in the world.
In many (possibly most) parishes the subject of abortion is never mentioned from the pulpit. Why is the legal killing of pre-born children ignored in our churches? Many excuses have been given. Father Frank gives short responses to 30 of them in his latest book—Proclaiming the Message of Life, Weekly reflections from the Lectionary. But the most common excuse priests give is that they have to preach on the readings. Father Frank discards this excuse by a comprehensive review of all the Sunday and Holyday readings to find life-affirming messages for the entire three-year cycle.
If you want your pastor to preach with love, compassion, and integrity on the abortion issue, you should seriously consider giving him a copy of Proclaiming the Message of Life.

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May 10, 2016 – “Brain Death” and organ transplantation Part II – personal stories

Last week Dr Paul Byrne educated us on the evil twins of “brain death” and the organ transplantation business–yet another element of the Culture of Death that ravages our lives, families and religious freedom. Dr Byrne’s resume includes his pioneering research and development of ventilators and incubators for preemies in intensive care, half a century of the highest quality pediatrics and neonatology, and the world’s leading educator on the falsity of “brain death” and its necessity for stealing healthy living organs from living human “donors”.

Today (two days after Mother’s Day), Benice, Missy and Carolyn (hopefully) will tell how their children were declared brain dead and became fodder for the transplant industry that is another corruption of health care.

What are the other corruptions? Contraception and sterilization destroying the God-designed procreative system; IVF and other “reproductive technologies” that replace God’s design for creating new human life; using human embryos for “research”; refusing to admit the huge increase in breast (and other) cancers caused by hormonal birth control; murder of children in the womb=abortion; and physician assisted suicide=murder. There are probably others.

May God have mercy and deliver us from all these evils!

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May 03 2016 – Two Year-old Israel Has Been Declared “brain dead”, But Is He Really Dead?

Doctor Paul Byrne is a retired Toledo neonatologist, but he is still visiting “patients”–not in Toledo, but all around the USA. Lately he has been helping Israel Stinson’s parents and Life Legal Defense Foundation prevent a California hospital from removing Israel’s life support systems. Israel is on a ventilator and hospital physicians have declared him “brain dead”. But his mother claims that he is responsive to her tickling him. As I understand the situation, Israel’s parents are asking for simple surgeries that would enable him to be moved to a long-term care facility–possibly at home.

The questions that Israel’s case raises are not new to Radio Maria’s “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” listeners, and certainly not new to Dr Byrne–our Guest today. Here are some of those questions that Dr Paul will address at Noon ET, today:

  • What is Israel’s condition and how did he get where he is? Age, family, location, health status and how he came to be declared ‘brain dead’?
  • What are the medical treatment issues and why does the hospital want to remove his ventilator?
  • What is being done legally to protect Israel and secure his proper care/treatment? What is his prognosis?
  • How are some of your other “patients” doing–like Jahi?
  • Does ‘brain death’ have any legitimacy in your view?
  • Who has a stake in Israel’s life and why?
  • Regarding the ethics of Israel’s situation, what do/would the following say:
    • NCBC?
    • Other pro-life physicians?
    • Advocates for using Israel’s body parts to prolong life and life quality for a dozen others?
    • God?

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