Quest for a Culture of Life in America with Steve Koob

Steve Koob, founder and executive director of One More Soul, hosts a weekly program in which he interviews some of the people making a significant contribution to the Culture of Life. The hope and prayer is that Radio Maria listeners will be inspired by these guests, and will find ways that they too can foster a Culture of Life in their community, Church, and family.

January 12, 2016 – What’s Trending in Adult Catechesis?

When I was young, Religious Education consisted primarily in educating Catholic youth in the Catholic School or CCD after school programs.  I don’t recall much being available labeled as “Adult Formation”, or similar, with the possible exception of a visiting missionary priest doing a “Parish Mission” once per year.


But life is different now, both in and out of the Catholic church.  Only 25% of adult Catholics attend Mass on the weekend.  Parents are less likely to send their children to a Catholic school or parish CCD (or equivalent) program.  Active adult Catholics are less likely to have received solid instruction in their faith, and their is a huge hunger for knowledge about all aspects of religion, especially considering the incredible expanse of what now constitutes all-things-Catholic.


Our Guest on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” will be Deacon Sabatino Carnazzo.  Deacon Sabatino graduated from Christendom College in 2004 and completed a Masters degree in Systematic Theology with an Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diploma from Christendom’s Notre Dame Graduate School. In 2009, Deacon Sabatino founded the Institute of Catholic Culture, a non-profit Catholic adult faith formation organization dedicated to the Church’s call for a new evangelization, and has since served as its Executive Director. Ordained to the diaconate in 2011, he also serves as the Director of Faith Formation for the Greek Catholic Diocese of Newton, Massachusetts. He and his wife, Linda, have five children and live in Front Royal, Virginia.


The Institute of Catholic Culture organizes presentations on various Catholic topics presented by mostly priests and bishops at parishes of the Diocese of Arlington VA, and often accompanied by a meal.  These presentations are live-streamed for free viewing and archived for viewing at any time–also FREE.  And the presenters are well known to many Catholics.  Deacon Sabatino is ICC’s most prolific presenter.  I wonder how this all works?  How it is funded when everything is FREE? How does he get recognized Catholic authors and speakers like Prof Alice von Hildebrand, Bishop Robert Morlino, Msgr Charles Pope, and Fathers Schenck, Scalia, and others) to do these presentations?


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January 05, 2016 – Liturgy and Culture–What is the Connection?

Today we will continue our Quest for a Culture of Life by continuing our teaching on what is good Liturgy and why good Liturgy is necessary for a Culture of Life.   
Some may ask, “What does God have to do with a Culture of Life?” Of course, God is the creator of all things and especially the great gift of LIFE.  In return, God expects us to love, honor and obey Him, as He stated in the FIRST GREAT COMMANDMENT.  And we do that in the most intimate way by our full and vigorous participation in the Mass–the Liturgy–the Eucharist.  The premise is that we will do the Second Great Commandment (Culture) well in proportion to how well we “do” the First Great Commandment.  
If the “culture” is an indication of how well we do the 2nd GC–and I think it is–then we aren’t doing very well at either.  I say that because of the persistent attacks on life, family, the Church, our neighborhoods, and the acceptance of the intrinsic evils of contraception, abortion, ss “marriage”, Physician Assisted Suicide, empty churches, closed Catholic schools, etc, etc.

Our Guest today is Father Uwe Michael Lang.  He joins us from London England, where he is a priest of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri. He has his PhD in Theology, and speaks and writes extensively on the LIturgy. Among his publications are Turning Towards the Lord, The Voice of the Church at Prayer, and Signs of the Holy One, which shows that Catholic liturgy includes gesture, music, art, and architecture as aspects of the non-verbal language of the sacred and are what make the liturgy beautiful. All are published by Ignatius Press.

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December 29, 2015 – Our Lady of America is finally “free” to help us do the work she requested of us 60 years ago

On 18 December 2015, the 7th Circuit Federal Appeals Court released its agreement with the 2014 jury decision that found devotional and educational materials associated with Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin, to be in the public domain and not subject to Patricia Fuller’s copyright claim.  This decision “frees” the bishops to honor Mary’s third (last ungranted) request–that her statue be carried in solemn procession into the National Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in WDC and be permanently displayed there.
This is a GREAT DAY for America and the Catholic Church.  Our Guest will be Mr Kevin McCarthy, JD, STL, who with Mr Al Langsenkamp, were “plaintiffs” in the cases.
This new found “freedom” raises many questions that I pray Kevin will be able to answer for us:
  • Please tell us the story of OLoA’s apparitions/locutions to Precious Blood Sister Mary Mildred Ephrem from roughly 1938 until her death in 2000 near Fostoria Ohio.   What did she ask Sr Mildred to do?
  • Why did the Blessed Mother come to America to specifically encourage purity? What manifestations of impurity were evident in the culture?
  • What was Sister’s relationship with Father/Archbishop Paul Leibold?  Why didn’t the US bishops process OLoA’s statue into the Basilica Shrine of the IC , as she requested?
  • OLoA’s 1956 locutions indicate impatience and frustration. Is OLoA’s promise of huge miracles/graces for America still available after 60 years of failure to act?
  • Might so many of our national tragedies have been prevented had the bishops done what Our Lady requested?
  • Where can our listeners learn more about OLoA and Sister Mildred?
  • What part does Patricia Fuller (former Precious Blood Sister) play in the OLoA story?  What is her present status?
  • How did your relationship with Patricia Fuller originate and then deteriorate to legal action in Federal Court? With what outcome?
  • What do you want to see happen ASAP?  What reasons do you have for expecting the “procession” to take place?  When?
  • What can listeners do?

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December 22, 2015 – How does the economy impact the culture of life?

Our Guest on the “Quest for a Culture of Life in America” is John Horvat II, a Catholic economist, scholar, international speaker, and author of the book, Return to Order. His writings have appeared worldwide including in The Wall Street JournalThe Christian PostAmerican Thinker,TheBlazeCrisisFOX News, and The Washington Times, as well as other publications and websites. He gives more than 150 radio and TV interviews annually. 
For almost three decades he has been researching and writing about what’s gone wrong with America’s culture and economy, an effort that culminated in the ground-breaking release of his award-winning book Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society–Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go.

Mr. Horvat is vice president and a member of the board of directors for the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and a member of the Association of Christian Economists.

John claims that our economy is in crisis  and  desperately needs to be refocused on Christian moral values.  The “economy” is a part of our culture that we all deal with many times a day, so how we treat those exchanges is very important. Return to Order explains how and why in great detail.  John’s 50 minutes with us will be a great introduction to this fascinating subject.  

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December 15, 2015 – As California goes, so goes the country

Have you too heard it said that California leads the country (and the world, especially in entertainment)?  This saying is often used in reference to some not so great ideas.  But it is also true that many really good ideas are hatched in California–like high tech information technology from Silicon Valley, for example.
Catholic Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law California’s first Physician Assisted Suicide law following its northern neighbor states of Oregon and Washington.  Another recently passed law requires pregnancy support centers to have a prominently displayed sign with directions for getting a free abortion.  That is like requiring all Honda dealers to post directions to the nearest Toyota dealer.  One can conclude that the California state legislature has a hyperactive gland somewhere.  Why is that?
Our Guest on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” today is Alexandra Snyder, Executive Director of Life Legal Defense Foundation in Napa CA. The mission of Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) is “to give innocent and helpless human beings of any age, particularly children in the womb, a trained and committed defense against the threat of death, and to support their advocates in the nation’s courtrooms. Life Legal will accomplish its mission through the law and education.”  LLDF’s free legal services are provided in California AND many other states.  They are great!  Alexandra will be updating us on LLDF’s involvement with David Daleiden and his video exposure of PP selling aborted baby organs case and a Pro-Life Mississippi effort to close the only abortion mill in Mississippi.  Great stuff!! 
Alexandra has a background in public policy, having served as Legislative Counsel to a California Member of Congress in both Washington, DC and Sacramento, CA. In that capacity, she handled a wide array of legislative and policy matters, including pro-life issues, bioethics, and the protection of human rights.  She has extensive pro-life experience working with women in pregnancy support centers.

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December 08, 2015 – Is Mary the most powerful woman in the world? On the Solemnity of her Immaculate Conception

Today we celebrate Mary the Mother of God by what may be her second most common title–The Immaculate Conception!
Our Guest on Radio Maria’s “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” will be Michael O’Neill, the “Miracle Hunter”
[]  .  He has cataloged over 2000 claimed Marian apparitions going back to her physical appearance to St James in AD 40.  Michael’s research and Mariology expertise is an important part of the December 2015 National Geographic cover article, “The Virgin Mary: The World’s Most Powerful Woman”, available at  .
Michael’s interest in Mary, especially as Our Lady of Guadalupe, began with his mother and was reignited by a term paper requirement at Stanford where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Some questions for Michael:
  • Why, how did you undertake this enormous task of identifying and qualifying all Marian apparitions?
  • How did you get involved with National Geographic and the author Maureen Orth?
  • What is the approval level for Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin, to Sister Mary Mildred Ephrem in Indiana and Ohio?
  • Will the Vatican soon approve of the Medjugore apparitions?
  • At times, Mary has voiced her frustration with the poor/slow response to her messages and warnings.  I think she is frustrated.  How common is this warning of impending disaster?  And, can you give examples of God’s wrath that appear to be a consequence of our failure to respond to Mary’s warnings?
Mary wants us to be pure and holy which are virtues necessary to a Culture of Life.  She is very powerful, but cannot control God if we don’t heed her messages calling for reparation and the practice of the virtues of purity, chastity, and obedience to God’s law.

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December 01, 2015 – Making Life w/o Making Love: Why Not

Our topic today on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” is the flip side of Contraception—> Making Love w/o Making Life.  Since God intended Love & Life to be together, separation in either direction must be wrong.  But isn’t new life always a good?  And shouldn’t couples who struggle with infertility be given every opportunity to have a family? Is the Catholic Church just being mean or UN-pastoral by condemning Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART)??
Christopher White is the Director of research and Education at the Center for Bioethics and Culture and Director of its Paul Ramsey Institute. He is a Catholic ethicist, philosopher and writer.  He will be our Guest today and tackle the above questions and many more–like:
  • Egg Donation: Why Not?   Who are the victims?
  • Sperm Donation: Why Not?  ”     ”   ”       “
  • Uterus Donation: Why Not?    ”      ”        “
  • You are widely published.  What do you write about? Where available?
  • How would you council a pastor or family member in seeking to discourage a couple from using ARTs?

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November 17, 2015 – Is Autism caused by fetal cell line derived vaccines?

Dr Theresa Deishler, PhD, has focused on discovering and developing new therapies for grievous  human illness. Following her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University, she spent over 20 years in commercial technology, prior to founding AVM Biotechnology and Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI).

AVM Biotechnology is the marquee  prolife biotech company worldwide, certifying that it does not use morally illicit material in any process.  SCPI’s mission is to end human trafficking in biomedical research.
Dr.  Deisher  is  an inventor  on 23  issued US  patents,  and her discoveries  have led to clinical  trials  of FGF18  for osteoarthritis   and cartilage  repair,  and for Factor XIII for surgical  bleeding.  She was  the  first  person to discover adult cardiac derived stem cells, and has been a champion of adult stem cell research, both professionally and privately,  for two decades.   

She is a breath of fresh air with a common sense approach which allows lay audiences to readily grasp the issues.  
Theresa has done research on the harmful effects of fetal cell derived vaccines, including Autism, Cancer and other diseases. Her research is often a challenge to the pharmaceutical and medical community.

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November 10, 2015 – Fr Edward Looney’s visit to Saint Maria Goretti

Fr Edward Looney was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin, this past June. A life-long love for his Heavenly Mother and his study and writing skills had already identified him as a Marian scholar, particularly for his writings about the apparitions of Mary to Adele Brise near Green Bay in 1859. He also loves “devotional Catholicism”–visiting shines and tombs of saints.
Still he was somewhat hesitant about traveling to venerate Saint Maria Goretti’s relics in Madison on October 16th.  But he did and came away from that experience with a deep love for–and devotion to–Saint Maria, the Patroness of Purity. He was not alone.  This “tour” of her relics encased in a human looking sarcophagus within a glass coffin has drawn huge crowds throughout the Midwest and South.  Why this interest in the Church’s youngest canonized saint?  Is it because the sexualized American Culture of Death is so adverse to purity that a purity-hungry counter Culture of Life is developing?  There does seem to be a trend toward more modest clothing on female performers, and teen pregnancy rates have dropped significantly in recent years.
Fr Looney will be telling us about Our Lady of Good Help and her appearances to Adele encouraging her to teach children about the Catholic Faith.  He’ll also tell us about Saint Maria and her defense of her purity that so enraged her attacker Alessandro that he stabbed her 14 times, causing her death the following day. 
Saint Maria is also special for the soon-to-begin Year of Mercy because on her death-bed she forgave Alessandro and expressed the desire that he someday be in Heaven.

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