…a Christian voice in your home

Radio Maria is a tool of evangelization which serves the Catholic Church in the United States, as a radio network committed to calling for conversion through programming which offers plenty of space for prayer, catechism and human development.

13 thoughts on “…a Christian voice in your home

  1. sandro says:

    praise the lord

  2. Beth Broussard says:

    I would like to make a prayer request. For all suffering with Cancer.

  3. alberto says:

    praise the lord

  4. Chris says:

    I find alot of usefull information on alot of the programs that realy help guide me to walk in a more Christian way. It woke me up. I also like the Catholic way. Good work Radio Maria!

  5. Giorgio says:

    I always like to pray the Holy Rosary with you, Thank you. Please speak loud every day against abortion. The murder of a child is a crime against GOD, please organize pickets in front of planned parenthood.

  6. Marshall says:

    Just discovered Radio Maria within the past few weeks. What a blessing!! I have learned so much from the programs and helps me become a better Christian

  7. Whispering Misty

    So sorry you are going to skip the workshop!

  8. The Birch of the Shadow

    I feel there may possibly be a several duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful record! I have tweeted this. Several thanks for sharing!

  9. Whispering Misty

    So sorry you may pass up the workshop!

  10. Healing’s Dragon

    to discover issues to further improve my web page!I suppose its okay to make utilization of a number of of the principles!!

  11. Healing’s Dragon

    to discover matters to enhance my web site!I suppose its alright to generate usage of several of your principles!!

  12. The Silent Shard

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  13. The Slave of the Husband

    Seeking in advance to researching extra from you afterward!…

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