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Campaign for Peace – June 26, 2012

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Francesca revs up her campaign for peace in the person, family, USA and world through prayer and healing the brokenness and  wounds of  America and  the  world situation by  promoting and accepting  healing through  receiving God’s Mercy, Concern, Compassion and All Encompassing  Healing Love?


Human Trafficking – June 19, 2012

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Francesca Franchina MS Ed.  chats with Dr. Anthony Talbott of the University of Dayton Political Science Department regarding human trafficking; the modern day slavery of children, teens and women running rampant in society today. The problem exists  throughout the world ;learn what is being done about it internationally, nationally and locally  and how you can  help run away youth and abused women who find themselves locked into these ungodly hopeless situations. Dr. Talbott will share what is being done in law enforcement, sociologists and in the schools to help identify and eradicate this great social blight and multidollar business that enslaves. Dr. Talbott discusses warning signals, clues and how to help curtail these modern day slavery enslavement situations.  Francesca’s Recipes of the day: Heavenly Hash and  Five Cup Fruit Delight.


The Rural-Urban Mass – June 12, 2012

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 Francesca Franchina MS Ed.  chats with Deacon Marty Brown of Holy Rosary Parish in St. Marys, OH, Pam Long, Regional Director for The Catholic Social Action Office, and Willard Dahlinghaus of Minster, OH  about the upcoming Rural-Urban Mass celebrated by  Bishop Joseph Binzer at Ron and Deb Wilker’s Farm, 10675 Tri-Township Rd. St. Mary’s, Ohio on Thursday, June 21, 2012  in their huge family farm  tool shed that seats 300!  Learn about old and new traditions getting back to the roots of this traditional Mass and the inauguration of The  Catholic Century Farm Registry ( sixteen farming families in the northern area of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati  will be honored this year as  families that have been farming the same land for one hundred years). All are welcome to attend the Mass and dinner; (Call for Reservations). Tune in to find out more interesting and delicious details.
Francesca’s recipe for the day: Italian Style Fried Chicken! We may also be blessed in hearing  from area Knights of Columbus about their famous fried chicken dinners that will be served at this blessed event!


From Jewish to Catholic – June 5, 2012

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Francesca Franchina MS Ed. speaks with Roy Schoeman, Ph. D. of Boston, MA, convert to Catholicism from Judaism about his life growing up in a faithful Jewish home, his turn to atheism, his conversion process and how he was drawn to Catholicism focusing on Judaism, the Messiah Jesus and Catholicism; The Holy Eucharist in his life and the life of all Catholics, The Feast of Corpus Christi and The New Evangelization. Caller Stephanie Schutte shares information about the 11th Annual Corpus Christi Celebration (The Solemnity of The Body and Blood of Christ) at Emmanuel Parish on Franklin Street in Downtown Dayton about the Mass, decoration of Franklin Street with sidewalk pictures depicting symbols of the Holy Eucharist with dyed wood chips lovingly created by Emmanuel parishioners followed by 5:15 PM Mass, Procession and Dinner on Saturday June 9, 2012. All are invited! Today’s Recipes from Francesca’s Italian Kitchen: Pizza Fritte and Italian Dolce (Sugared Bread Dough Treats)