Human Trafficking – June 19, 2012

// June 19th, 2012 // Through the Tummy to the Heart

Francesca Franchina MS Ed.  chats with Dr. Anthony Talbott of the University of Dayton Political Science Department regarding human trafficking; the modern day slavery of children, teens and women running rampant in society today. The problem exists  throughout the world ;learn what is being done about it internationally, nationally and locally  and how you can  help run away youth and abused women who find themselves locked into these ungodly hopeless situations. Dr. Talbott will share what is being done in law enforcement, sociologists and in the schools to help identify and eradicate this great social blight and multidollar business that enslaves. Dr. Talbott discusses warning signals, clues and how to help curtail these modern day slavery enslavement situations.  Francesca’s Recipes of the day: Heavenly Hash and  Five Cup Fruit Delight.


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