Wherever there is someone in need, Radio Maria is at their side.


Without the strong belief of faithful people like you, Radio Maria would never have been born. We give thanks to our Blessed Virgin Mary, without whose guidance you would not have joined the Radio Maria family.

Without you, it would never have grown.

In our present world, we face ever-decreasing interest in the world’s most precious resource: love. There are millions of people on the planet who feel they have no one to care for them; no one to support them when they are tested by life; no one to pray for them wherever they are. Many people simply don’t care, but you’re not one of them. You are fortunate to have received the message of love from Holy Mary. You have Radio Maria.

Think about what Radio Maria means to you, and what it could mean for someone else.

Millions of people experience serious difficulties in their lives. Radio Maria is more than a voice to comfort them; it is a family of which they can become a part. We would like to introduce you to a few of those millions. They are very real, and they need our help. We cannot imagine what it means to live alone, or be confined in a hospital or a nursing home. Many are born into a village where there is no church, or a country where the churches have been closed, leaving parishioners without a place to share Holy Mass or a Rosary. They have no place to catechize their children, or at which to pray in a time of need, but, they can hear Radio Maria. Our doors never close.

We are not offering grand solutions, but instead, a simple thing that works: Radio Maria broadcasts every day, 24/7, with no advertisements – things such as our beautiful Catholic prayers, so full of emotion, the precious teachings found in the Gospels, and catechesis aimed toward human development, which is so essential for building healthy lives. Now, make a decision to help Radio Maria. She struggles everyday in order to be at your side, and by the side of all those millions who need that comforting voice.

Radio Maria and Pope Francis

Radio Maria is a tool in the promotion of the New Evangelization. Pope Francis said of Radio Maria,

“God bless the radio, and may Radio Maria be listened to by all of you in your cars, in your kitchens or while you’re working. Everybody has to listen to this radio that is fulfilling the great mission of evangelization. We need Radio Maria to reach everybody throughout the world.”

Fourteen years ago, a group of faithful, devoted persons like you undertook the challenge to create the first Radio Maria in the United States, and on May 25, 2000, Radio Maria began broadcasting from its first English-speaking station located in Alexandria, Louisiana. In the Catholic Church, the month of May is devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, with special Marian devotions honoring her as “Queen of the May” occurring throughout the month. Radio Maria is deeply connected to our Blessed Mother. Now, almost 15 years later, thanks to the support of its listeners, Radio Maria not only broadcasts in Louisiana, but also in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Mississippi, New York, Washington, Boston, Bridgeport, Chicago and Houston. Every day, 24/7, Radio Maria’s programs go on the air to reach the heart wherever there is a person in need.


Here’s the rest of the story…

Radio Maria was born as a parish radio in 1983 in the diocese of Milan, Italy. Radio Maria’s mission was to keep parishioners informed, and to benefit them through prayer and through the broadcasts of daily Mass and the Rosary. Today, thanks to this successful start, Radio Maria has become a tool of the New Evangelization, serving the Church of the Third Millennium. It calls for conversion through its radio programming by offering prayer, catechesis, and programs on human development.

The mission of Radio Maria is based on faith in Divine Providence and, except for a small number of salaried employees, depends on volunteer workers to further its mission. Radio Maria firmly believes in the principle of operating without advertising sponsorship, and strives to be good stewards of all contributions from its listeners. It wisely selects new technologies allowing it to stream over the internet, over smart phones, and other devices. Radio Maria also developed a special app to allow listeners to bring the radio to them everywhere, all over the world! With our Blessed Mother’s special love for her children, Radio Maria can reach them anywhere!

The World Family Of Radio Maria


World Family is the parent organization for Radio Maria US, with affiliates in 65 countries, broadcasting in more than 40 languages. The affiliates preach and teach the Catholic faith by means of radio programming.

Based in Italy, it works with World Family, Inc., to guide Radio Maria US affiliates throughout the United States in finding resources to sustain operations, and spread Our Lady’s mission for the New Evangelization.