Beyond the Veil

May 05, 2015

Father Loya has as his guests,  Rev. Msgr. David Baumgartner, JCL Vicar – Diocese of Crookston, Minnesota and Amanda Zurfis, also of the Diocese of Crookston. We talk about the fruits of the breakdown of the family and the importance of fatherhood in the family and in the Church and how the absence of men in the Church has affected the Body of Christ. Father Baumgartner discusses so called “gender reassignment” in his home state of Minnesota. Amada Zurfis talks about her role in working with the priests in her diocese.

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April 28, 2015

Father Loya’s guest is Mathew Christoff. Father Loya talks with Matt about his work, the role of men in the Church. We talk about authentic manhood and the crisis of the New Evangelization. Matt and Father Loya talk about Matt’s work in The New Evangelization, Drawing Men to Jesus Christ and His Church as research shows that almost 9 out of 10 Catholic men don’t participate in a Catholic activity outside of attending Mass; if men aren’t being reached in the Mass, they aren’t being reached. 

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