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Live With Passion

This program is hosted by Fr. Cedric Pisegna. Fr. Pisegna was born in Massachusetts, and currently resides at the Holy Name Retreat Center in Houston, Texas.

Touched by the grace of God when he was 19 years old, Fr. Cedric surrendered his life to Jesus and had a life changing experience. Filled with the Holy Spirit, he desired to make a difference in people’s lives. Fr. Cedric dedicated his life to God as a Passionists religious and Catholic priest. He now travels across the U.S. and Canada preaching, writing, and producing for television.

His message is practical, inspirational, and orthodox. Fr. Cedric is well known for his evangelical missions, he airs on several Christian television networks, and has authored 21 books. His program is religious, inspirational, and encouraging, and will bring you closer to God and help you live passionately by covering many relevant topics in practical ways.

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