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August 24 2016 Disaster Relief

Dr. Hebert talks issues concerning disaster relief and the 2016 Louisiana flooding

August 17 2016 Warren Hebert

August 3 2016 Steve Lazarus

July 20 2016 Meditation for Family Caregivers

Guests Julie Mayer & Barry Jacobs both have doctorates in psychology, have both been family caregivers, are married, and are authors of the new book, AARP Meditations for Family Caregivers: Practical, Emotional, and Spiritual Support for You and Your Family. Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, interviews the authors about the book, their personal experiences as family caregivers, and about positive caregiving. Drs. Mayer and Jacobs explore the importance of accepting your feelings, knowing your limits as a caregiver, and “being in the moment” as a caregiver. The couple also speaks about the importance of acknowledging family caregivers in churches, by friends, family members, health professionals, and even the caregiver themselves, recognizing the good work they are doing.

AARP Meditations for Family Caregivers: Practical, Emotional, and Spiritual Support for You and Your Family is available by clicking on the title. You can also find it at Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.

July 06 2016

June 29 2016

June 16 2016 Guests Tracette Hillman and Deborah Jackson

Family caregivers Tracette Hillman and Deborah Jackson were interviewed by host Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, related to their experiences as professional women, working C-Suite jobs in corporate America, then returning home to care for their parents. Ms. Hillman worked in the television industry in Los Angeles, in casting, and other roles that provided a six figure salary and a fulfilling career. Ms. Jackson worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies, started her own consulting company, and was active in the business community in Charlotte, NC.
Both guests share aspects of their experiences as long distance caregivers, their recognition that their parents needed more assistance, and their transitions with letting go of their friends, aspects of career, and the financial implications of moving home. They discuss the highs and lows of being caregivers, and what makes them resilient through the experience.

June 1 2016

May 4 2016 – end of life challenges for the family caregiver

Host Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, addresses end of life challenges for the family caregiver. While all family caregiving is rewarding and challenging, care at the end of life is even more so. Being part of care, assistance, and comfort as one nears the culmination of life can be healing, connecting, and freeing for both the caree and the family caregiver. But there are unknowns beyond the day to day care. Dr. Hebert shares information from an AARP website on the topic, which digs into living wills, durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and more. Good websites to go to are AARP’s Caregiving Resource Center,  National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, and the American Geriatrics Society — a public education website with an entire section dedicated to End-of-Life Care and Advance Directives. And an everyday resource, not just at the end of life, is the Conversation Project, that aims to have families discuss their end of life wishes well prior to an illness.

April 28 2016 – sources of stress for caregivers

Host Dr. Warren Hebert, DNP, shares information about sources of stress for caregivers, predisposition to caregiver stress, and the signs to help one identify that stress is taking its toll. Most importantly, Dr. Hebert shares from Mayo Clinic’s website identifying strategies to help the family caregiver better deal with the stress that is inevitable in caregiving.

April 13 2016 – Guest Denise Brown

Host Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, interviews Denise Brown, author of eight books on family caregiving and 20 year ago debuted, a website for those who are assisting their aging parents, spouses with functional limitations, or children with cognitive or physical exceptionalities. Ms. Brown addresses challenges related to denial on the part of the care recipient, (or caree), or denial by the family caregiver. For more resources visit, or order one of Ms. Brown’s books:

  • The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey;
  • Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers;
  • Take Comfort, Too, More Reflections of Hope;
  • Take More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers:
  • After Caregiving Ends, A Guide to Beginning Again;
  • Take Time, a Journal and Journey Toward Greater Happiness During an Unhappy Time (Caregiving);
  • My Caregiving Journal, My Story of How I Care;
  • Good Morning! Sunny Reflections to Start Your Day

March 30 2016 – Positive Aspects of Family Caregiving

Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, covered:

  1. positive aspects of family caregiving
    • Finding meaning
    • Giving back
    • Satisfaction about care recipient getting the best quality care
  2. The invisible needs of family caregivers:
    • Little or no assessment of family caregiver’s condition or needs
    • Lacking support networks, isolation, potential for depression
    • Benefit of counseling or psychotherapy
  3. The importance of caregiver’s health and well-being
    • Decline of caregiver health is a major risk factor for care recipient falls, skin breakdown
    • Caregiver depression impacts care recipient functional decline
    • Poor caregiver physical & mental state can impact recipient incidence of abuse
  4. Cultural differences between caregivers
    • Rates of caregiving vary by ethnicity
      • 20% non-Hispanic white and African Americans provide care to a loved one
      • 18% of Asian Americans provide care
      • 15% of Hispanics are family caregivers
    • Over 70 years of age
      • 44% of Hispanics had family caregivers
      • 34% of Blacks had family caregivers
      • 25% of non-Hispanic whites had family caregivers

March 23 2016 – depression in family caregivers

Host Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, shares information related to depression in family caregivers. Citing instances of suicide in family caregivers, and a recent incident of murder-suicide by a mother of a special needs child, Hebert shares information about the prevalence of depression in caregivers. This edition of Family Caregiving addresses signs & symptoms of depression, activities to prevent the blues, or feeling down and out. Hebert shared alternative treatments and steps to treat depression once it is identified.

March 9 2016 – Guest Andrew Muhl

Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, interviews Andrew Muhl, Advocacy Director for AARP Louisiana, about aspects of aging and family caregiving. Muhl speaks of his personal experience having his grandmother move in with their family. Discussion includes the goal/mission of AARP, and important issues for AARP members. Muhl and Dr. Hebert discussed recent state legislation across the country includes the CARE Act, which addresses hospital connections with family caregivers, and the legislation’s role in reducing readmission to hospitals. There was also discussion about research related to family caregiving by AARP, the National Academies of Science, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Pew Research, the Rand Corporation, and others. Muhl closed with the admonition that listeners connect with their elected officials, both state and federal, about aspects of aging and family caregiving.

March 02, 2016 – Melinda Huffman, MSN, RN

Family Caregiving host Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, interviews Melinda Huffman, MSN, RN, about health coaching. Huffman is a best selling author, health educator, and speaker on patient engagement, managing chronic conditions, and health outcomes. Hebert and Huffman discuss:
  • Increased interest in prevention and wellness in the U.S.
  • New trend- using coaches in health and wellness & difference between the two
  • Family caregiver involvement in coaching process
  • Educational background of coaches and where we are likely to encounter them
  • Insurance companies use of health coaches for patients and families
  • How might family caregiving be supported by health coaches?

February 24, 2016 – Guest Camille Claibourne, APRN, PhD

Host Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, interviews author and nurse leader Camille Claibourne, PhD, about challenges of family caregivers. Questions include: How does one know when an aging Mom or Dad needs assistance? When should one whose functional abilities quit driving, and how does an adult child caregiver address that issue? How do we prevent falls? Is it possible to manage multiple households well? How might one keep multiple siblings focused on the aging parent, and minimize the disruption of family dysfunctions? We also had a guest caller, Susan from Lake Charles, LA, who spoke of her challenging experience caring for a husband with dementia. Susan reminded listeners of the important legal aspects related to personal banking and a family business. There was discussion of the isolation experienced by family caregivers.

February 17, 2016 – Guest Mary Tutterow, The Heart of the Caregiver

Family Caregiving host Dr. Warren Hebert interviews Mary Tutterow, author of The Heart of the Caregiver. Mary is a wife and the mother of two children, a college student son and a daughter with a chronic seizure disorder as well as mental and physical challenges. The  The Heart of the Caregiver is a course meant for the caregiver who feels overwhelmed by the responsibilities, emotions of caring for someone with disabilities, chronic illness, or age related issues. Mary is a former C-suite executive with a large company who transitioned to work from home so she could care for her daughter. This edition of Family Caregiving involves discussion of Tutterow’s Five Steps to Transformation, a scripture based program that provides the reader/caregiver with step by step approach to move from “overwhelmed to overjoyed”.  These websites introduce you to our guest and her course on caregiving; and

February 10, 2016 – Family Caregiving and Physician Visits

Family Caregiving host, Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, discusses the challenges and approaches of family caregivers who are attending and participating in physician visits with their caree, or loved one. Planning in advance of the visit with a list of questions, a medication list, and deciding what time of the day is best for the appointment are a few topics discussed. Hebert also discusses steps the caregiver might take when it becomes necessary to advocate for the caree during the appointment. Follow up activities by the family caregiver, after visits with the primary care practitioner, are also explored. The information shared from the United Hospital Fund’s Next Step in Care website, a resource with instructions on many topics related to health and healthcare.

February 03, 2016 – Founder Anne Tumlinson

Host Warren Hebert, DNP, RN, interviews Anne Tumlinson, founder of Thirty years of work in health policy in long term care, post acute care, senior health issues, and healthcare finance led Anne to dig deeper, personally and professionally. Her personal experiences with her own grandparents inspired her to write a blog that evolved into something much bigger. started as a consumer website that is rapidly growing into a national movement connect caregivers via daughterhood circles. This program addresses the difficulties and joys of family caregiving. Our guest addresses guilt, challenges with family relationships, and the isolation of family caregivers. Visit the website for more information,

January 27, 2016 – The Family Caregiver’s Guide to Medication Management

Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, discusses aspects of medication management for family caregivers. Borrowing from the Next Step in Care: Family Caregivers & Health Professionals Working Together, by the United Hospital Fund, Hebert explores the challenges and solutions to assuring accurate medication management. The program also covers reconciliation of medications with pharmacists and physicians, and explores issues around poly-pharmacy- the phenomenon of being prescribed too many medications.

January 20, 2016

Today the host of Family Caregiving Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, welcomed author, speaker, and comedian Jerry Bridge as expert guest. Jerry discussed his experiences caring for his sister, brother, and mother during their challenges with cancer, and his father who dealt with depression. Jerry spoke of coming to a caregiving role, without any healthcare experience himself. He talked about journaling as a means of therapy, capturing feelings, and how that process helps the caregiver to care for themselves. Our guest challenged us to try writing to someone we have lost, expressing our feelings as a therapeutic practice. Host Dr. Warren Hebert and Jerry Bridge discussed the importance of telling your story as a family caregiver. And there was discussion of the reconciliation and healing that can happen between family members through the caregiving experience. We also had the joy of a great caller, Victor from New York, who shared his own caregiving experience.

January 13, 2016

This program began with Pope Francis call to embrace the elderly and infirm. Pope Francis indicates there is a sort of “hidden euthanasia” in the elderly, as they allow themselves to die when no one cares about them. The Pope says if we see the elderly as only a burden “it is a sin”. Pope Francis’ March 4, 2015 audience was rich with prophetic challenges for a society challenged with an unprecedented number of elderly people.

The second part of this program discusses the Top Ten Spiritual Practices for Caregivers, as shared by Rev. Rebecca Ebb-Speese, a Lutheran pastor. Examples are 1) You are not alone: Seek Support.  2) Stay Connected to Your Faith Community. The other eight are just as valuable. Enjoy the program.


January 06, 2016 – The Family Caregiver Role in Transition to Hospital and then Discharge Home

Host Warren Hebert, DNP, RN, discusses family caregiving responsibilities during discharge planning as their care recipient transitions from hospital to home. Dr. Hebert discusses new laws related to family caregiver recognition in state law, in Congress, and by health care professionals. Hebert explores various aspects of care at home that helps the caregiver to better adapt to their role in providing care to their loved one, also known as the caree. Information for this program were gathered from various websites including, and the United Hospital Fund’s website, Next Step in Care. 

December 23, 2015 – Edition of Family Caregiving

The topic of this program is family caregiving during the holidays. The role of caregiver is challenging on the best of days. Most care recipients and caregivers do best when the care setting is quiet, peaceful, and less hectic. The caregiving challenges for those with dementia seem to be significant during holidays. Dr. Hebert shares information from the Alzheimers’ Association that help the family caregiver to better prepare and respond to family during the holidays. Hebert mentions the movie Still Mine, with James Cromwell and Genevieve Bujold, about Cromwell’s character as the husband caregiver to the wife, Bujold’s character, who is moving into the more progressive stages of dementia.

December 16, 2015 – Psychologists Share Research and Insight on Family Caregiving

Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, interviews husband and wife Psychologists Julie Mayer, Psy. D. and Barry Jacobs, Psy. D. about their engagement of family caregivers in their practices. The program touches in the richness and challenges of family caregivers, what caregivers learn about themselves, and the role of gratitude and meaning in caregiver resilience. Drs. Mayer and Jacobs speak of aspects of love, compassion, forgiveness, redemption, and negative emotions that challenge family caregivers. Discussion included Jacobs’ 2006 book The Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers: Looking After Yourself and Your Family While Helping an Aging Parent . Mayer and Jacobs also discussed their book to be published in July 2016, published in conjunction with AARP, Meditations for Caregivers–Practical, Emotional, Spiritual Support for You and Your Family (DaCapo Press).


December 02, 2015 – Hospital Discharge, Care Transitions, and the Family Caregiver

Host Dr. Warren Hebert discusses research and best practices for both family caregivers and health professionals related to transitioning one’s care from hospital to home. Themes for family caregiver challenges were shared from a January 2015 article in the Journal for Healthcare Quality, entitled Family Caregivers’ Experiences During Transitions Out of Hospital, by Eric Coleman, MD and Sarah Roman.

November 25, 2015 – Holiday Aspects of Family Caregiving

Warren Hebert, DNP, RN shares both studies and best practice information related to holiday experiences family caregivers encounter. There is also discussion of conversations about end of life planning, and the national conversation about what care we all want as we age or experience debilitating illnesses. Have you had the conversation?

November 18, 2015 – Family Caregivers’ Stress Epidemic: How Do I Ask for Help? With Expert Guest Denise Brown

Expert Guest Denise Brown and host Warren Hebert discuss family caregivers’ many sources of stress and helpful ways to resolve the challenges. Whether they’re being pulled away from work, financial strain of paid caregivers, the difficulty with making doctors’ appointments, or aspects of progressive dementia, family caregivers need relief from stress. This episode of Family Caregiving digs into how to better ask for help, including the job-jar, aspects of respite, and a way to show appreciation on Kiss a Caregiver Day. Free resources are available at

November 11, 2015 – Overview of Family Caregiving

Host Dr. Warren Hebert, RN, introduces listeners to aspects of family caregiving. There are news items on family caregiving, a description of the various responsibilities and challenges of family caregiving, a discussion of demographics, economics, and aspects of policy dynamics of informal caregiving both in states and federal government.

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