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February 27, 2015 – Brother David Henley

Glenmary Home Missioner’s Director of Vocations, Brother David Henley, reflects on his zeal for mission ministry in the United States, and opportunities available for a home mission vocation.


February 20, 2015 – Frank Lesko

Glenmary Home Missioner’s Director of Ecumenical Relations, Frank Lesko, articulates the value and scriptural mandate of the church unity in the context of Glenmary’s Missions in the United States.


February 13, 2015 – Brother Craig Digmann

Evangelization and Ecumenism in the Glenmary Mission Fields of the United States – Brother Craig’s labors of love and practical suggestions – demonstrates the crucial importance of personal contact and relationships – from our E. TN Missions

January 30, 2015 – Fr. John Brown

Seasoned Glenmary Mission Pastor, Fr. John Brown, reflects on Catholic nurture in the mission context of Glenmary’s S. GA missions.

January 23, 2015 – Fr. Neil Pezzulo

Glenmary Home Missioner’s First Vice President, Fr. Neil Pezzulo, reflects on social justice issues from the perspective of our poor missions in the United States, and his own spirituality.



January 16, 2015 – Liz Dudas and Lorraine Vancamp

Glenmary Home Missioner’s Dept. of Pastoral Service Staff, Liz Dudas and Lorraine Vancamp, travel the backroads of our American Missions and reflect on their ministry of empowering the laity and providing education opportunities for the parishioners of our home missions.



January 09, 2015 – Fr. John Rausch

Glenmary author, Fr. John Rausch, reflects on his part in the move about our former Glenmary mission, “Big Stone Gap” and how environmental issues shape his spirituality.


December 26, 2014 – “Kingdom Building Beyond Church Walls” with Brother Joe Steen

From Glenmary’s poor East Tennessee Missions, Brother Joe reflects on his home repair ministry and direct service to the poor.

December 19, 2014 – Fr. Steve Pawelk

The “how to’s” of evangelization and establishing new mission churches in the mission fields of the U.S.A. Fr. Steve recently started two Catholic Churches in East Tennessee in counties that previously had NO Catholic presence.


December 12, 2014 – Fr. Dan Dorsey

Glenmary Home Missioners director of novitiate, Fr. Dan Dorsey reflects on Glenmary Spirituality andĀ Formation in a home mission context.

November 21, 2014 – President Fr. Chet Artysiewicz of the Glenmary Home Missioners

Glenmary Home Missioners President, Fr. Chet Artysiewicz, reflects on our five categories of mission andĀ articulates how we minister to the poor and neglected missions here in the United States.

November 14, 2014 – Not All Missions Are Foreign (Fr. Don Tranel)

Not all missions are foreign ā€“ the Glenmary Home Missioners Story: Introduction, History, and Ministry.