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Sacred Treasures – May 22, 2023 – Dr. Daniel Mahoney on MEMOIRS JOSEPH CARDINAL MINDSZENTY

MEMOIRS JOSEPH CARDINAL MINDSZENTY, published by Ignatius Press, is the full story of the legendary hero-priest declared venerble who has become the symbol of Christian and national resistance to Communism as told by Dr. Daniel Mahoney on Sacred Treasures!

Sacred Treasures – May 15, 2023 – Special guest Fr. Steve Shafran, member of Salesians of St. Don Bosco

Special guest is Fr. Steve Shafran, a member of Salesians of St. Don Bosco, talks of his Order with their beautiful Marian Shrine and the life of Bl. Carlo Acutis.

Sacred Treasures – April 24, 2023 – David Ross on Bl. Karl of Austria

Special guest David Ross discusses the heroic life of Bl. Karl of Austria. David is the creator and director of the Bl. Karl Symposium

Sacred Treasures – April 17, 2023 – Samia Zumout

We have our special guest, Samia Zumout, An attorney who speaks many languages which helps her in her witnessing the power of God through disabling suffering and Our Lady of Medjugorje’s healing touch.

Sacred Treasures – April 3, 2023 – Pat Moertl, Men of Christ Madison, WI Board Member and Denis and Cathy Nolan

First guest, Pat Moertl, Men of Christ Madison, WI Board Member. Pat Moertl belongs to the Holy League, Coalition of Eucharistic & Marian Apostolate, Catholic KC Faith Director and evangelist sounds alarm for the pro-life voices to pray and work for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court elections on April 4, 2023 to follow God’s Divine Will and support the culture of life.
Followed by 2nd guests Denis and Cathy Nolan. Denis and Cathy Nolan of just returning from a Medjugorje pilgrimage last week, give us updates on their project and the messages of hope received from the locals and pilgrims from around the world.

Sacred Treasures – March 27, 2023 – Fr. Peter Prusakiewicz of the Congregation of St. Michael the Archangel

Fr. Peter Prusakiewicz of the Congregation of St. Michael the Archangel is an international conference, retreat and parish speaker, author, magazine editor and former Chaplain to the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Warsaw which he will share on Sacred Treasures.

Sacred Treasures – March 20, 2023 – Terri Smith

The Queen of Peace touched the heart of Terri Smith with love and determination to spread her message making 36 pilgrimages to Medjugorje as a former educator with a masters in pastoral studies and her work in prevention and education of addictions

Sacred Treasures – March 13, 2023 – Mary Eberstadt and Jasmin Garcia

Kathie speaks with Mary Eberstadt who works at the Catholic Information Center in Washington D.C. in the first half hour of her program. Mary is also a senior research fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute, an essayist, novelist and the well known author of her recent book Adam and Eve after the pill; Revisited.

In the second half hour, Kathie speaks with Jasmine Garcia of which is an on-line religious art shop of original and unique items crafted by talented artists.

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Sacred Treasures – March 6, 2023 – Luke Decote of the Knights of Columbus and Jimmy Hyland president of Catholic Journeys

Sacred Treasures – February 27, 2023 – Joe Condit of the National Men’s Conference and Kristen Van Uden of Sophia Institute Press

Kathie speaks with Joe Condit of the National Men’s Conference taking place in March in Cincinnati, OH. The conference features guest such as the Archduke of Austria Christian Habsburg-Lorraine and Jonathan Roumie of The Chosen.

Kathie also speaks with Kristen Van Uden of Sophia Institute Press about “What Jesus Saw from the Cross” a book by A. G. Sertillanges

Sacred Treasures – February 20, 2023 – Fr. Bryce Lungren, a Catholic priest for the Diocese of Cheyenne, WY & Fr. Nathan Long from the Diocese of Lake Charles

We have our first guest, Fr. Bryce Lungren, a Catholic priest for the Diocese of Cheyenne, WY artfully walks readers through the life of a cowboy which is living out one’s vocation even to the call to the priesthood in his new book: THE COWBOY WAY, FINDING PEACE AND PURPOSE ON THE BRONC CALLED LIFE.
Followed by second guest, Fr. Nathan Long from the Diocese of Lake Charles will be a speaker at TOGETHER IN HOLINESS CONFERENCE in Moss Bluff, LA on Saturday April 29, 2023 sponsored by the Diocese of Lake Charles and the St. John Paul II Foundation which is a marriage enrichment for parents.

Sacred Treasures – February 13, 2023 – George Hardy and John Herreid

Kathie speaks with George Hardy about his most recent trip to New Orleans to see one of the visionaries of Medjugorje.

Followed by second guest, John Herreid, graphic designer and illustrator who has edited a beautiful collection of Catholic art from great contemporary Catholic artists into a frameable art book called the CATHOLIC HOME GALLERY to introduce their beautiful work to the public.

Sacred Treasures – February 7, 2023 – SPECIAL World Family Episode with Fr. Andreas Schatzle

Kathie and Fr. Andreas chat about Medjugorje, World Family, and even invite a few callers to speak about their experiences and prayer intentions

Sacred Treasures – February 6, 2023 – Fr. Carlos Martins & Lauren Muzyka

We have our first guest Vatican-appointed expert on relics, Fr. Carlos Martins. He is a featured speaker at the FULLNESS OF TRUTH CONFERENCE on Feb. 17 and 18 in Alexandria, LA with the theme of SPIRITUAL WARFARE at Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church.
Followed by our second guest of the day Lauren Muzyka, she will be discussing the founding of Sidewalk Advocates for Life and the valuable work in saving lives around our nation.

Sacred Treasures – January 30, 2023 – Donna Ross and Mary Wilson

In the first half hour, Kathie speaks with Donna Ross of Magnificat, an international ministry to Catholic women established in 1994.

In the second half hour, Kathie speaks with Mary Wilson. Mary Wilson shares her testimony with Magnificat after years in education as a teacher, coach, and high school administrator.

Sacred Treasures – January 23, 2023 – CAN’T MISS EPISODE – Jim Browne

The mistreatment of Jim Browne as a youth gave him mental scars which spanned much of his life until his conversion in Medjugorje which exploded into an apostolate where he gives thousands of crucifixes blessed by the Queen of Peace on Christmas to strangers.

Sacred Treasures – January 16, 2023 – EXPLOSIVE EPISODE – Barbara Kleveland

From abortion and divorce to our Lord’s saving GRACE!

Barbara Kleveland, who God continues to shower rich mercy on her, who converted with the help of the Queen of Peace by overcoming fear and giving talks about the taboo topics of abortion and divorce to inspire thousands and initiate a Christmas Day Crucifix apostolate.

Sacred Treasures – January 9, 2023 – Fr. Ken Geraci of the Congregation of the Fathers of Mercy

Fr. Ken Geraci tells his story going from successful businessman to his true calling as a priest. He is a well-known speaker who will be attending the Fullness of Truth conference in Alexandria, LA February 17th and 18th.  The theme of the conference is Spiritual Warfare.

Sacred Treasures – December 12, 2022 – Miracle at Manchester

Kathy speaks with Brycen Newman, Rick Newman, Anne Majer, and Fr. Martin Latiffe about the Miracle at Manchester. This amazing story of a young athlete of 16 who discovered a brain tumor as he was to leave for an international competition. After three surgeries, he was blessed to be invited to his Catholic school for a special prayer event where 1700 students prayed for him before he was miraculously healed in the story he shares with us and the charity he launched to help other patients.

Sacred Treasures – December 5, 2022 – Dr. Kevin Vost and Kieran Troy

We have our first guest Dr. Kevin Vost, Catholic author and university professor in psychology at Aquinas College in TN, dissertation research at Alzheimer’s Center with a hobby of weight lifting discusses his new book YOU ARE THAT TEMPLE, A CATHOLIC GUIDE TO HEALTH AND HOLINESS.
Following with second guest Kieran Troy, author of a book IN THE STARS THE GLORY OF HIS EYES, writes about his experiences from a travel agency he operated for the past 25 years with special love for Rome and heaven’s assistance.

Sacred Treasures – November 28, 2022 – Fr. Lawrence Lew; Dominican Friar and rector at Rosary Shrine Priory Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P., Dominican friar, Rector at Rosary Shrine at Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Haverstock Hill London talks about his book Praying the Rosary with Sacred Art 

Sacred Treasures – November 21, 2022 – Dom Abbey Philip Anderson, Superior of the Benedictine monastery, Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey

Special guest is Dom Abbey Philip Anderson, Superior of the Benedictine monastery, Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey, will talk of the life of monastery and their new CD, Rorate Coeli chanted by the monks.


Sacred Treasures – November 14, 2022 – Ricardo Flores Kastanis and Laraine Bennett

We have our first guest Ricardo Flores Kastanis, who makes statues and artwork of Our Lady of Guadalupe for the past 60 years.
Followed by our second guest Laraine Bennett, who wrote “The Little Way of Living with Less.

Sacred Treasures – November7, 2022 – George Hardy and Todd St. Romaine; Michelle Johnson, Director of Communications at EWTN

We have our first guest George Hardy and Todd St. Romaine, followed by our second guest Michelle Johnson, Director of Communications at EWTN.

Sacred Treasures – October 24, 2022 – Ronnie Albert, active Columbiettes talks of her work as Past Supreme President and Vicky Yardley and Alex Newman

We have our first guest Ronnie Albert, active Columbiettes talks of her work as Past Supreme President and Vicky Yardley promoting the current Diocesan Rosary Congress Dec. 2-8.
Following with second guest Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, speaker, investor and consultant whose goal is to glorify God through education.

Sacred Treasures – October 17, 2022

Sacred Treasures – October 3, 2022 – Paul Badde of Rome and John Suarez, Executive Director of the Center for a Free Cuba

we have our first guest Paul Badde of Rome talks of the new series he presents on EWTN, STONES AND PEARLS, which recounts the mysteries of the Rosary from the location of event in the life of Christ.
Following with second guest John Suarez, Executive Director of the Center for a Free Cuba talks about communism and efforts to promote a peaceful transition in a Cuba that respects human rights, political and economic freedoms.

Sacred Treasures – September 26, 2022 – Sr. Alexia & Br. Inigo; Maureen Flynn

First guests Sr. Alexia and Brother Inigo of the Religious Institute of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary in FL talk about their history and service to the Church with the 4th Eucharistic Congress in Miami, FL Oct. 7-9

Second guest Maureen Flynn the co-founder of the 30th International Week of Prayer and Fasting.

Sacred Treasures – September 19, 2022 – Anthony Distefano and Barbara Groeber

First guest is Anthony Distefano, award-winning Christian book author whose work is in 12 languages and 18 countries, TV personality and national news speaker talks of his latest books for children, HOW THE ANGELS GOT THEIR WINGS.
Followed by Barbara Groeber, pro-life activist and former Education Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Miami, Project Rachel Coordinator and Facilitator and radio host talks of the progression of the culture of life and death in our nation.

Sacred Treasures – September 12, 2022 – Dr. Cecilia Gutierrez Venable and Ed Daccarett

Today to Sacred Treasures with Kathie Duggan at 2pm/CT , with first guest Dr. Cecilia Gutierrez Venable is a historian and director of archives for the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate who is an author and journalist talking about the foundress, Mother Margaret Mary Healy Murphy, and the history of the Sisters.
Followed by Ed Daccarett, a very active businessman with international work, has been erecting pro-life billboards for nearly 30 years!

Sacred Treasures – August 29, 2022 – Carol Fisher and David Scotton

we have our first guest Carol Fisher, successful business industry employee with degrees from impressive universities, became disillusioned with her career and prayed for discernment which began her journey out of business and into the music field and radio industry with CD’s, books, and radio.
Followed by David Scotton whose life is portrayed in the movie LIFEMARK, is the true story of his adoption journey and meeting with his birth mother which includes Kirk Cameron and a very talented cast to be shown on September 9 at Fathom Theatres around the nation for at least one week.

Sacred Treasures – August 22, 2022 – Outgoing Cenla Pregnancy Center Director, Claire Lemoine and Kim Lyons, new Director and Patti Maguire Armstrong and Roxane Beauclair co-author the book WHAT WOULD MONICA DO

We have our first guest Outgoing Cenla Pregnancy Center Director, Claire Lemoine and Kim Lyons, new Director, to discuss the resources provided to the public for families in crisis with an unborn baby and fundraising GALA event to be held Sept. 13 with Kirk Cameron as the guest speaker.
Following with second guest Patti Maguire Armstrong and Roxane Beauclair co-author the book WHAT WOULD MONICA DO which provides a resource of inspiration and consolation for Catholics experiencing grief of watching a child turn away from God.

Sacred Treasures – August 15, 2022 – Dr. Ray Guarendi and Brother Inigo Islo of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Our first guest Dr. Ray Guarendi Clinical psychologist, Dr. Ray Guarendi, author, professional speaker and national radio and TV host talks of his recent book: LIVING CALM, MASTERING ANGER AND FRUSTRATION with professional and very lively examples in everyday life.
Following with second guest Brother Inigo Islo of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary in FL talks of the World’s Men Rosary on August 20, 2022 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe.

Sacred Treasures – August 8, 2022 – Nikki Biese and Kristen Van Uden

Our first guest Nikki Biese, Executive Director for BIKING FOR BABIES, an organization which promotes the pro-life mission of pregnancy resource centers around the nation and has raised over one million dollars to assist 78 centers.
Following with second guest Kristen Van Uden, spokesperson for Sophia Institute Press, talks about the book, MEDITATIONS ON THE HOLY ROSARY, written by Servant of God Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo, renowned exorcist and spiritual director.

Sacred Treasures – August 1, 2022 – Frank de Varona

Frank de Varona, born in Cuba, an educator, historian, journalist, famous author and international expert on Hispanic contributions to America, politics, economics, foreign affairs, and national security issues talking of communism, past and present in his book THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Sacred Treasures – July 25, 2022 – Danny O’Flaherty and Sinead Greaney

Kathie Duggan first guest is Danny O’Flaherty, Irish musician, who travels around the world inspiring with his golden voice and musical instruments, He talks of his native homeland and the deep love he has for his Catholic faith.
Followed by second guest Sinead Greaney, Director of Operations, for Brack Tours in Ireland, Sinead Greaney discusses the inspiring visits to Kylemore Abbey, Aran Islands and many other breath-taking places to tour with the Irish music of Danny O’Flaherty.

Sacred Treasures – July 18, 2022 – Fr. Joseph Howard and Cathy Gilmore

Today on Sacred Treasures with Kathie Duggan at 2pm/CT we have our first guest Fr. Joseph Howard, former Radio Maria presenter, with a degree in Sacred Theology and Specialization in Bioethics, recipient of St. John Paul II award in Defense of Catholic Doctrine, national news consultant, journalist and member of the National Catholic Medical Assoc. will be discussing euthanasia.
Following with second guest Cathy Gilmore, Marketing and Communication Specialist for the Catholic Marketing Network, Cathy Gilmore, is a speaker, catechist, educator, and award-winning children’s author who will be discussing CMN MOMENTUM 22 event in Schaumburg, IL July 25-28.

Sacred Treasures – June 27, 2022 – Sr. Tatum McWhirter, Apostle of the Interior Life – Richard L. George, Sacred Artist

Sacred Treasures – June 20, 2022 – Sister Emmanuel Maillard – Children of Medjugorje

Sacred Treasures – June 13, 2022 – Vivian Dudro – Editor and Author

Sacred Treasures – June 6, 2022 – Martha Aubert and James Douget of the Orphan Train Society

Sacred Treasures – May 30, 2022 – Casey Chalk – “The Persecuted: True Stories of Courageous Christians Living Their Faith in Muslim Lands”

Sacred Treasures – May 16, 2022 – Fr. Carlos Martins

Sacred Treasures – May 9, 2022 – Dr. Jennifer Donelson-Nowicka

Sacred Treasures – April 25, 2022

Sacred Treasures – April 4, 2022 – Conversations from the Holy Land

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