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Once Radio Maria changed my life

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Friends of Radio Maria

Giovanna is a wife and a mother. During her marriage she was touched by the godsend of motherhood four times. During her marriage she felt the emotion of bringing a life into herself four times. The first time she was so proud and happy to receive the gift of motherhood. But death touches all of our lives, more than once. No one escapes its cold grip. One after another, Giovanna lost three of her children before they were born. And while that may not soothe the pain or fill the emptiness, she still had faith. She kept on and after three natural abortion she tried again and with the strength of her love and firm will to be a mother as the Blessed Mary was, she and her fourth child survived the birth. For ten years they spent together every day, Giovanna looked at him growing up so beautiful and loved.
After so much pain, right when she began to think her little boy would grow up and become a man. But he died when he was ten years old.
As he died, she fell again into the same nightmare. She lost her lovely little boy as it happened to the other three before they were born. Giovanna was lost in a sort of limbo, she had no strength of mind and hope: the reality sunk in.
Wouldn’t she be there the day her son got married? Was God or the Blessing Mary really enough to give some answers? With it came unreasonable honest questions she asked to God, with her life hanging in the balance. Giovanna was powerless to do anything about it. Sometimes the road to God is marked by pain at every step.
One day she visited the Director of Friends of Radio Maria, looking for somebody to give her some comfort and support, she was so worried about her little children and a lot of questions about them used to keep her awake: Why was this happening? Would this death just become another event in her life? How could she find her peace again? The priest told her to think that the Blessed Mary was taking care of her children, in the Lady’s embrace she can hope, survive and be patient waiting for the heavenly reunion with her lovely children.
Since that day Giovanna started to be involved into the Radio Maria project as a volunteer, she has no pain now, only joy and peace through a relationship with the Blessed Mary that she knows can be shared by others like her. When somebody is alone and needs to pray Giovanna give them her assistance, as a mother who takes care of her children.
How her life is changing every day with Radio Maria? Giovanna is used to being involved and spends so much time at Friends of Radio Maria station, and now she has become a point of reference for people who feel the need to pray the Virgin Mary and trusts in her message of love.
When somebody calls the Radio because they feel they need to pray and be comforted after having lost their dear ones, Giovanna helps them to keep their faith strong and reassures them about the Blessed Mary taking care of them, just like the Director of Friends of Radio Maria told her when she lost her fourth child. She knows what they’re passing through and she helps them, just like in a family the members help each other in order to overcome every tragedy.
Stories like this support us to do more.