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February 6, 2019 – Three Steps in Healing the Family

From our parents, we inherit both physical gifts and challenges, as well as spiritual graces and, sometime, vulnerabilities. Though we may not be conscious of these things, they are still active in our lives and bring with them the good and the bad. To respond well to both it is helpful to be conscious of the four ways we are vulnerable to the devil’s approach, and three ways we can be healed of these vulnerabilities.

January 16, 2019 – You Have Made Us for Yourself, O Lord

January 9, 2018 – The 3 Spiritual Systems

We may have a system for washing dishes. It is certainly different from the one we use to wash our car. In the spiritual world, there are different systems also. These is God’s system, the Devil’s system, and our system. Things become interesting when we consider what each system produces. Better still, when we find ourselves in pain, say in a family relationship, we may discover that, unwittingly, we are engaging a “system” we did not expect – and that system is simply producing its “fruits”.

December 19, 2018 – The Fulfillment of All Prophecy and Human Yearning!

The coming of Christ was greatly prophesied. And for good reason. With him would come the source of all wisdom. Our happiness, our fulfillment depends on wisdom and grace. The Church’s seven “O Antiphons” that we celebrate during Advent reconnect us with the power, majesty and goodness of God. This is a key dimension in the beautiful hymn “O Come, O Come, Immanuel”. And not only do we anticipate wisdom from on high, but the goodness of God who, in his goodness, frees us from slavery to sin and guides us to remain free.

December 5, 2018 – Preparing to be an Instrument of Healing

God wills our healing. The devil opposes it. In ancient Israel, God sent the prophets to heal. In our day, he wills to send us. Recognizing these realities is an important step toward healing. We might also consider the example of Jesus. In order to free us from our sins, the beginning of any healing, he offered himself on the cross. We too are invited to offer something of ourselves to accomplish the “greater things” that Jesus promised we would do – things greater than the Apostles saw him do! Ask God for the grace to let go of any pride, unforgiveness, shyness, or false notions of what contributes to good relationships. Then, ask him to send you to be an instrument of healing.

November 28, 2018 – Be an Instrument of Healing in Your Family!

We know that God can heal, but do we sometimes wonder why not in our situation? Alternatively, we may know of God’s power, but have not yet come to believe it. Telling family and friends about God’s healing power is a first step in moving our knowledge – that God can heal – from our heads to our hearts. We also see in Scripture that when Jesus heals, he begins by healing the interior – by forgiving our sins. Sins block grace from acting in us and through us. Let us seek his forgiveness through the sacrament of confession. But also, recall the role of the four friends of the paralytic. They were instruments of God’s healing! We, through grace, can be instruments of healing in our own family!

November 14, 2018 – Connecting with the Father, Our Provider!

November 7, 2018 – Is the Church Only a Broadway Show about Salvation?

October 31, 2018 – Men & Women are from Eden! (Part III)

October 24, 2018 – Men & Women are from Eden! (Part II)

John Paul II takes us back to “the beginning”, to that time before the Fall of Adam and Eve when they enjoyed the kind of relationship we all wish to have. It is something beautiful, sweet and loving. JPII takes us back to the beginning to discover the “operator’s manual” for our relationships. First, we see Adam recognize that he is different from other animals. And he is thankful for this. He knows he has a relationship with God. With Eve, however, he recognizes that he is no longer alone, and better still, he has someone whom he can love! By giving himself to her and by receiving her gift in return, “man finds himself”. More beautiful still: Christ makes this relationship possible for us today.

October 10, 2018 – Men & Women are from Eden! (Part I)

Do you have any friends in a frustrated relationship, or have you ever been in one? Sometimes frustration follows when we have not operated something well. For example, your cell phone may not work properly after being used in the rain. Similarly, God, who created us male and female, knows in what ways we will be happiest together. This happiness is an opportunity that we lost with the Fall of Adam and Eve, but one that Jesus restored with His death and resurrection. Through his grace, by recognizing and accepting that God created us, and did so with a plan in mind and not accidentally, we can find the happiness that is otherwise elusive.
(Note: For a short and easy guide to JPII’s “Theology of the Body”, see “Men & Women are from Eden”, Dr. Mary Healy, Servant Press.)

September 26, 2018 – Our Lady’s Plan for the Church Crisis

In the alleged messages given by Our Lady in Medjugorje are both encouragement and guidance. Her words take into consideration the crisis in the Church today and give us a graceful way to respond. We do not need to be confused by buffeting winds and waves assailing the Barque of Peter. The crisis is real, but so too is the invitation offered by Our Lady. Our Lady invites us to draw closer to her Son and to pray. She then promises to present our prayers to her Son as “flowers from the most beautiful garden.” That’s encouraging, and this is an action we can take for our own good and the good of the Church!

September 19, 2018 – Charisms: Given at Baptism to All

We may have important talents, but these are different from our charisms. Charisms are given to the baptized for the healing of the Body of Christ, the Church. When we exercise our charisms, others benefit. In fact, the results coming from the exercise of our charisms are indicators that we indeed have a charism. For example, do people make a special effort to thank you when you exercise your charism? Do you recognize the need of others and feel compelled to attend to that need? And when you attend to the needs of others – as a teacher, as an evangelist, as an administrator or in hospitality – do you feel centered, as if in prayer? These are some of the indicators of a charism, and by exercising them you offer a special gift to others, as special as one part of your body making a gift and uniquely serving your whole body.

September 12, 2018 – The Church: God’s Sacrament of Salvation

A sacrament is visible sign endowed with Christ’s authority and power. In light of the Church crisis, which may be a dominating subculture of homosexuality, we might be tempted to de-value our membership, or even to separate from her. However, from ancient times we can see that it is God who calls a people to himself and did so through Moses at Mt. Sinai. It was not we, or our ancestors back then who found God, but God who has called us and all peoples to be with him in a special community. And he calls us for a holy purpose: to restore the supernatural perfection of every human being, a perfection lost by Adam and Eve in the Garden!!!
Stay with your Mother, the Church and love her!

September 5, 2018 – Let Our Faith be in Christ Jesus!

The crisis in the Church continues. Amazingly, this is even being fueled by those who know the truth and are silent. Yet, with what might we compare the crisis? Mgr. Charles Pope has reflected on the recent Office of Readings from the Liturgy of the Hours. Does Our Lord accompany us in the Church’s prayers? Over the last couple of weeks, Mgr. Pope notes that the readings warn ancient Israel about the pending destruction of the temple and even of Jerusalem itself. Israel was called to repent ahead of the disasters we can now know about! (Jeremiah 7) How serious is the current crisis? We may want to weigh the facts seriously and recall that our faith is in Jesus Christ and not in buildings, earthly wealth, or worldly power.

August 29, 2018 – The Church is Under Attack, but let us “Be Not Crushed…” !

Archbishop Vigano has testified that Pope Francis knew about McCarrick’s evil and, even so, removed the sanctions placed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict. There may never have been an accusation like this in Church history. Is it credible? I propose here context, background and sources for your consideration. In the end, however, if our home, the Church is under deadly attack, consider that God “meant us to exist in this time and place. And unless you think He put us here solely as punishment… He must believe we are, at least in principle, the right people to accomplish what must be accomplished.” – Dr. Robert Royal, Conference of Catholic Families, Aug 24, 2018.

August 22, 2018 – Responding to the Church Crisis

It beggars belief. The Catholic Church may have a subculture of homosexuals, and this is triggering a crisis. There appears to be an ever-growing number of sources reporting this. However, how might we respond? First, we should understand that “striking the shepherd will scatter the flock” (Zec 13:7). Therefore, I ask you: would this not be a key stratagem of the devil? We must recognize this for our spiritual and emotional safety. Furthermore, Our Lady invites us to respond by gathering the “5 stones for our Goliath”.

July 25, 2018

July 18, 2018 – Missions Impossible – Our Lives!

Do we ever face situations that are impossible for us? Perhaps we are in a difficult marriage and are tempted to divorce. Maybe we are involved in a relationship that we know is not right, but neither have we ended it. Into these and other “Missions Impossible” comes God’s grace. In Veritatis Splendor, St. John Paul II tells us that although Moses allowed divorce, it was not so “in the beginning”. He then explains that “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Mt 19:26). JPII is bringing to our attention that there was no salvation, no recovery of our place in Paradise lost by Adam and Eve, without Jesus and the grace coming from him. To acknowledge that we face impossible challenges in life is the first step in asking for the grace to overcome them!

July 11, 2018 – “Come, Follow Me” – Compelling Invitation

Jesus invites the rich, young man, and each of us, to “come, follow him”. This can be challenging. As St. John Paul II explains in Veritatis Splendor, we are to give up “our own wealth, our very self” in order to do so. This “giving up” has different implications depending on our calling in life, but sacrifice is common to them all. Yet, it is this sacrifice that places us on the path of Jesus Christ. And like Jesus, our self-offering works for the salvation of others who may not yet be close to Jesus. Think of that! Therefore, this invitation is to be like Him. It is how we will be happiest.

June 27, 2018 – Jesus, Joy and Self-Sacrifice!

Jesus invites the rich, young man to “sell his possessions” and to “come, follow me”. While we may not be able to sell our possessions because of responsibilities to family or employer, we can still make significant sacrifices. St. John Paul II tells us this is an ingredient to following Jesus more closely. It is to reach full, human maturity; holiness. We begin by following the commandments, but we grow deeper in our love for Our Lord by offering self-sacrifices. This leads to our greater joy and happiness… our greater union with God.

June 20, 2018 – Deeply Entering Life… Through the Commandments!

Pope St. John Paul II gave us a treasure in Veritatis Splendor. The riches begin to appear in Jesus’ conversation with the rich, young man. “What good must I do to have eternal life?” JPII explains how Jesus connects moral goodness and eternal life, and that the commandments lead us to the good and deeper into life.

May 09 2018 The Splendor of Truth?

Splendor is defined as great brightness or luster; brilliancy. Pope St. John Paul II invites us to consider the how truth offers us splendor. He makes this invitation so that it might “enlighten man’s intelligence and shape his freedom.” Noble goals. These are nothing less than having light in a dark place to keep us from stumbling.

April 18 2018 Drawing Life from the Eucharist!

Pope St. John Paul II gave us a great gift in his encyclical: Ecclesia de Eucharistia. It reconnects us with the treasure Christ gives us in the Holy Eucharist. In fact, it is more than treasure. It is life-giving! “The Church draws her life from the Eucharist”, JPII begins. Are we not the “living stones” of this Church? Therefore, let us draw our life from Our Lord’s presence, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Holy Eucharist.

April 11 2018

March 28 2018

March 14 2018

March 07 2018 Inspiration from the Passion of St. Perpetua.

St. Perpetua was not yet baptized when she had decided to confess being a Christian.  This meant prison and then death by being thrown to wild beasts.  What is amazing is her faith, an account she gives, written by her own hand while in prison.  Our Lord is very close to her and grants her visions that encourage her and ought to encourage us.  He also moves her to intercede for her brother who is in purgatory.  The full account may be found at:

February 14 2018

February 07 2018 Right Authority, Right Answer

The many “hard questions” that King Solomon answered for the queen of Sheba ought to give us confidence. If God can endow Solomon with wisdom and bless his kingdom with extraordinary grace, is there any reason why he would do less for his own Church? We can confidently find there answers for our age’s “hard questions”. Humble sources that stand with Church teaching from the time of Jesus until today will offer sure guidance. Fr. Derek Iwanski, biblical scholar from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland is my guest.

January 31 2018

October 18 2017

October 11 2017

October 11 2017

October 04 2017 The church is one, HOLY, catholic and apostolic…. !

The Instrument of Salvation is the Church. But how are we to understand the Creed’s closing: one, holy, catholic and apostolic church, and particularly the meaning of “holy”? We might begin by looking at sin as unfaithfulness between a husband and wife. Only with sin it is infidelity toward God. As with marriage, this infidelity has consequences. Interestingly, these consequences can be a cause for our repentance. And with repentance comes atonement. But what can we possibly do to make reparation for our infidelity to our marriage covenant with God? Into this infinite inability to repair for what we have done, Jesus comes to save us. Balthasar suggests that God the Father says: “Take my only begotten Son and give him in your place.”

September 27 2017 SACRED Scripture, HOLY Church: There are Good Reasons for What We Believe!


Not since the 1333 A.D. has a correction been issued to a pope. Recently, 62 clergy and lay theologians issued a “Filial Correction” to Pope Francis. While the Correction itself is very accessible by the faithful, reconnecting with why the Church is Our Lord’s Instrument of Salvation will help our understanding. In order to glimpse this creation given by Our Lord, here we will consider the divine origins of Scripture. If Scripture is sacred, and we can see the reasons for believing so, then for similar reasons our confidence in the divine origin of the Church can grow because it gave us the Bible! These insights will give perspective to the task of faithfully handing down what was entrusted to the Apostles.

September 13 2017 Embracing Our Crosses for Greater Happiness and Good

The challenges of our world, even inside the Church, can be disconcerting. On top of our own pains, there can sometimes seem like there’s little left over. Our Lady has allegedly said in Medjugorje that we “have numerous questions… and do not comprehend pain” Yet, at Fatima, we were invited to offer our sacrifices “For the love of you O Lord, for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary… ” This is a beautiful way to lighten our pains. Furthermore, let us neither forget the importance of prayer. “Pray the rosary every day” and for the “souls of poor sinners”, Our Lady told us at Fatima. These invitations are for our greater happiness and good.


August 30 2017 Perceiving God’s Love for us Through the Prophets

We are familiar with the God’s prophets as messengers, giving God’s words to his people. But is this all? Cardinal Schonborn suggests in his book “God Sent His Son”, that God reveals much about his love for us through the very lives of the prophets who often suffered, willingly, for their God.
Experience God’s love by reading Hosea or Jeremiah. They did it for “love of you O Lord, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation… ” (Mary’s exhortation at Fatima)! We can be embraced by this same love.

August 23 2017