Catholic Disciples in the Public Square

Renzo Mzzotti on July 18, 2017
In August, we will be introducing a new program to Radio Maria, Catholic Disciples in the Public Square, hosted by Felipe Vizcarrondo, M.D. After medical school, Dr. Vizcarrondo completed a residency in pediatrics and subspecialty training in pediatric cardiology. He completed a Master’s Degree in bioethics, and has written on a variety of issues ranging from freedom of conscience of healthcare workers, the doctor/patient relationship, to end of life issues. He is currently affiliate faculty , Institute of Bioethics, and Associate Professor of Pediatrics (voluntary) at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. He is president of the Miami Guild of the Catholic Medical Association. Dr. Vizcarrondo has a calling to form and inform the Catholic laity of Church doctrine, and where the culture conflicts with the church teaching. The doctor feels that an informed public will be able to stand for the truth with courage and determination in the public square. Along with Dr. Vizcarrondo, special guests, all of whom are medical doctors, will explore cultural issues and the corresponding church doctrine. If there is a conflict, this will be explained.

We invite you to tune in on Tuesdays, at 6:00 pm Central/7:00 pm Eastern, and let Dr. Vizcarrondo and his team of medical professionals inform us, and inspire us, to get involved in the public square.